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Interview with Riana van Staden

Riana van Staden is an artist, digital artist and photographer from South Africa. She has exhibitions all over Europe and the USA with her digital art. Some of her works are displayed in art magazines overseas. She was also presented with an award in Italy, namely the Leonardo Da Vinci - The universal Artist Award. We have conducted an interview with Riana.

Riana van Staden

Which series of work were you awarded "Leonardo Da Vinci - The Universal Artist Award?
My "Women" series was awarded the prize. The series shows the emotional abuse of women in toxic relationships.

When did you become a Digital Artist?
I studied Photography way back in 2004 and Photoshop is always part of any photographers life. I started experimenting with the program and in 2014 I really started working in "digital painting" techniques and so my first exhibitions in Italy started.

Which are the countries where you host digital art exhibitions?
I were very lucky with a gallery that contacted me from Italy, my work is permanent on exhibition in Florence. Other places I had exhibitions are South Africa, Tuscany Italy, Paris France, Barcelona & Almaden Spain, Portugal, Dallas Texas and next month in New York!

Which is your favorite theme?
I really love to create more work in my "Women" series. I think it is because we hear of so many cases of abuse and it is not only physical abuse but emotional abuse that many women can hide from the world. Creating these pieces gives abused women a voice.

What is design for print about?
Design for print is the concept of creating a design on your computer in Photoshop and then that created piece can be printed on material for clothes or decor. I really love to create home decor items and that is totally a new world out there! I love that!

Which homedecor items does it focus on?
I only create items now for printing on cushions or pillows. You can create a beautiful room with new cushions in various colors, patterns and shapes. That is very exciting!

Who or what inspires you in your digital art?
I really think life inspires me, that must be something I learned from being a photographer. It is always in the small detail that you find beauty. My art really shows a lot of detail and I try to keep it interesting with a lot of shapes and patterns.

How do you get most inspirations?
As I said, I think life in general is really an inspiration for me and then it is also music, something I saw on television or a picture in a magazine.

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