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Linda Buchner - Marketing Consultant

Today our guest is Linda Buchner from Kansas City. Her background includes 25+ years in the advertising industry, first as a sales rep for several professional photographers and then as the Director of Marketing for a high-end production and special effects company. In 2010, she left the corporate sector to begin a non-profit organization, MINDDRIVE. They created project-based learning projects for high school students, introduced them to a team of mentors and created transformation when they accomplished things beyond their own imaginations. We have conducted an interview with Linda.

Linda Buchner

Which dimension do you think is the most important: relationships, communication, and connectivity?
My key strength is relationships. I've built relationships in many different sectors, including the advertising community, the educational system, the non-profit world, and I have many other corporate relationships that are driven by being active in my community. Building community is where I thrive. I want to be around people of action, in the thick of change for the good of our city and my neighborhood. Serving others with the skills I've developed in my career is what gets me up in the morning. Keeping communication as a two-way street is so important. Being genuine, authentic, transparent and honest are key tenets of who I am.

How would you rank them in order of importance?
1) Relationships
2) Connectivity
3) Communication

Why do you host a podcast and what is the name of your podcast?
I host my podcast, Driven2Educate, to carry a message of hope around what is developing in terms of solutions in the educational arena. I talk to leaders of organizations that are taking a unique approach to reaching our kids. I strive to be part of the solution by highlighting those that are achieving impact and helping to create a world where every child is entitled to and able to achieve a great education.

What are your strengths and what kind of fundraising projects have you undertaken?
My strength is shining the light on the good work of an organization, company, or individual. I’m great at showcasing capabilities, illustrating impact, generating stories and conversation around great ideas, and using all of these skills to open the hearts (and the wallets) of key stakeholders in the community.

Based on your experience, which kind of organizations benefit the most from online and mobile strategies and through crowdfunding?
I believe anyone or any company could benefit from crowdfunding if they have the ability to tell a great story and showcase why people should care and support them. It has to start with why they exist, what makes them unique and better, and why you should care. Those key elements can raise a lot of money when done in the right sequence and using the right medium.

Besides the educational sector, which other sectors do you wish to work on in the next coming five years?
Online Content – I would love to teach others what I know, especially those in the non-profit sector. It’s the non-profit organizations that usually don’t have the money or human capital to spend on telling compelling stories of impact. I want to show them how to do that and how to do it effectively, based on their goals, mission and purpose. And, I want to make this content available to anyone, anywhere.

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