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More than 11 million patients cross the borders of their home country every year, to travel to places where treatment is available at superior quality and lower prices. This popular trend to save treatment costs, called medical tourism, is made a reality for patients by medical tourism facilitators like MedHalt. We caught up with Udit Verma, the founder of MedHalt, to know more about the company that has slowly made its presence felt in the medical tourism industry and is on its way to conquer the south-Asian market. 

How do you help your patients to simplify their medical travel if they are burdened by medical debt?
We provide our patients numerous options of hospitals and they get to choose the most budget friendly option. On our website, patients can see costs of different procedures in different medical tourism destinations and a comparison of the same with US. This allows patients to estimate the savings in a procedure. We have ‘Get a Free Quote’ option on our website for patients to understand the cost of the medical trip. Our company provides this option pre travel so that patients have an easy time deciding the further course of their travel. Pretty cool, eh? To make their medical travel simple, patients can also connect with the doctors online through our website. This allows them to know all the preoperative and postoperative needs and other medical requirements so that patients can make an informed choice.

What kind of unique services do you provide?
MedHalt is committed to making every treatment available and accessible for the medical tourism patients. We have not restricted the procedures we offer to only certain treatments like dental or cosmetic procedures. Our services are completely free for the patients, and we help without any service charge. Also, we focus on taking our patients primarily to the Southeast Asian medical market since we believe that it offers the best quality and maximum savings.

Which are your ways to help patients who are suffering from long waiting times or high treatment costs?
MedHalt connects the patients to hospitals in the South Asian region. These countries provide quality medical treatment at affordable costs, sometimes, as low as 1/10th of the costs in US. We provide the patients extensive information about JCI accredited hospitals in these regions and the option to undergo their treatment in any of the 50+ accredited hospitals featured on our website. In other words, we simplify their process of medical tourism by bringing the hospitals and patients closer. These hospitals provide quick and personalised services to patients, thereby working at virtually no waiting time for the patient.

What are your specialise knowledge in medical tourism that differentiates you?
MedHalt has 110+ blogs that provide the extensive information on the medical tourism industry. These blogs have extensive guides on medical tourism destinations and cover all aspects of trip planning, safety and insurance. We regularly update our blog with reliable information to serve our curious customers and provide complete know-how of medical tourism. We also provide visitors with information on health, healthcare and lifestyle. Customers can subscribe to our newsletter for early updates.

Which are the benefits of partnering hospitals of MedHalt?
Hospitals which provide high quality treatments at an affordable cost are always desired by patients and MedHalt makes sure that it highlights these points or any other USP of the hospital, through its website. We increase a hospital’s revenue and global image by attracting more patients to it. Since medical debt is a global problem and our website is visited by patients across the world, there is an increase in the international patient inflow to the hospitals.

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