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Our guest today is Petar Zvonimir Jakovac, aka MegaBELL. He loves to be creative and express his creative side to everybody that love's good music. He started his own sub-genré of techno, chill POP trance. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long have you started on this sub-genre music style of techno, chill POP trance?
I started the sub genré Chill POP trance when I was in my early 20's, back in 2010 around august, i thought why have such up-beat music when trance is very PAD orientated and i said to my self, why not slow it down to 120BPM and add a cool hook to it, with the usual snare's kick drum and PAD. I thought haveing to many voice's (what electronic music frequency is measured in) might over power the actual track, so i thought why not reduce the voice's (wet or dry) and make it more of a solid yet airy type of sound. Then i said the layout could be different aswell so i began to experiment with different layout's while produceing, i then came up with my preferred layout 'intro main chorus main chorus main intro'. That is what i called chill POP trance with some added acapella (a singer's voice with out the music in the background).

Who are your inspirations?
My inspiration is Tiësto for Adagio for string's. Cool song.

Where do you produce your music?
I have my own office that I work from, with my family doctor.

What instruments or equipment do you use to create your music?
I have an i5 computer which is really cool i love desktop's i have a midi keyboard and audio gear.

Besides music, what do you like to do?
Beside's music i love to smoke cigarette's, before that i was a gym buff.

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