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Modern Mint

Modern Mint is an online shop based in the UK, specialising in garden & homewares for people who want something quirky & different. Curating into one place these useful & beautiful items they are helping make their customers lives easier. They can go onto the Modern Mint website & find something to get excited about! We have conducted an interview with them.

What inspired you to create Modern Mint, the shop for people who want something quirky and different?
We found the products that celebrated the garden and countryside were dull, old-fashioned and often bad quality.

There are some amazing makers out there, creating these tactile and amazing items. But they had no platform to speak with, to share their work with people who want something different.
So we started Modern Mint, to help connect those who love contemporary garden and homewares to those who make them.

What advice would you offer people who design their home and garden?
Be bold - timidness is anathema to Modern Mint!

What do you blog about?
The weird and wonderful people out there who are passionate about what they create.

Which items are the quirkiest in your online shop?
The beautiful and popular copper tools, that help people reduce slug damage in the garden. Some people buy them purely as sculptures! The recycled plastic rugs and cushions for outdoors are striking, durable and lovely to sit on. They amaze us how soft they are! The Modern Mint artist-in-residence changes all the time, but always challenges us to try something new.

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