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Odd Fox films

Elliot James Burns is an armature filmmaker from Whitchurch Hampshire. He and his partner in filmmaking (Joe Goodall) who created the film group Odd Fox films after many name changes have been filming for 6 years. They started with nothing and built up their equipment and skills. We have conducted an interview with Elliot.

How did you get started on your filmmaking career?
Me and Joe never saw eye to eye on Secondary school, but when we learnt that we were both on the same course at Basingstoke College of Technology studying Sound Engineering, we both also discovered that we share a love for film. One day Joe showed me a bunch of youtubers doing some amazing things that inspired us to make a channel and have some fun.

What did you go through to get to the quality of film you make today?
We started with a little Sony handicam, and year after year of making on the spot films, we finally built up our knowledge and skills and we're finally able to call ourselves amateur film makers. Of course, it wasn't just as easy as that. We went through a really hard time with everyone telling us that we are wasting our lives and verbally abusive is everywhere we went just because we were on YouTube and trying to make films. We even had stones thrown at us and our house windows smashed. Police even had to be called because of how bad things got because of our passion to be creative.

What did you learn? How did you learn?
We learnt important life lessons. Be true to yourself and listen to yourself. Don't let anyone get you down and fight to be the best that you can. The most memorable experience in the last five years was when we looked at each other and said, we won't ever let anyone tell us we cannot do it. And from that point, we have never looked back. So we saved and saved, and after months of saving we bought ourselves the black magic cinema camera and new Mics and sound equipment. We felt we had learnt so much that we needed the equipment to show our true potential.

Which is your most memorable experience over the past 6 years?
Years of experience in making and failing films created two strong characters with a set of skills that makes us proud of the quality we have achieved today. After 6 years of constant work, we managed to learn the biggest lesson of all. Patience.

What is ''Eternity'' about?
Eternity was then in the process, travelling up to the Lake District on a new adventure, we decided to put what we learnt, everything into this new short film. It only consisted of 1 actor and we had 3 days to complete it. Eternity is a story about a man who mourns his father when he finds his father work that is apparently able to make the user live forever. We are hoping to release it at film festivals within the next few weeks.

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