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Ozzy Fashion

Öznur Ata was born in the Netherlands and lives in one of the biggests ports of the world: Rotterdam. She is a creative person expressed in her crocheting work and style photos. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which are the three most creative items you had made out of your crocheting skills?
The poncho model "army", the flower scarfs and the Russian female hat are i think the most creative as i made them with just a vision on what i think looks hot on a woman but still has something powerful in it's design. They weren't custom products for customers but just something i wanted to make. Some products are wearable in more ways which needs more creativity to make it so.

Where do you draw inspirations from for your designs?
Sometimes the interaction with the customers give me new ideas. I get a lot of inspiration by mixing different kind of fabric and things like beads, spike or studs, as I do also like to pimp plain clothes. I try to design a product which in the end gives you a feeling, like sweet, or tough, and so matches a style. Music and films are of course also always a great inspiration.

How long do you take to make ''Scoody'' (for example)?
The scoody takes about 5 hours to make. As i am kinda perfectionistic in details i would say a day.

Which is the top selling item in your entire collection? Why do you think it became a "top-seller" item?
The flower scarf, the stylish hat and the poncho model branch are the top items. I think they are top sellers because of the flower details, the femininity and the uniqueness as most customers have custom wishes which aren't for sale in a shop.

Since when do you combine your love for crocheting with style and where do you sell your products?
I do crocheting and pimping mixed with style since 2007. I have always sold the products online and among friends.

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