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Schillaci Death Stare

Schillaci Death Stare is a one man 'band' from Ipswich, UK. He has just finished his first EP entitled 'Whiskey Is £24, But I Still Party Like It's £19.99'. We have conducted an interview with him.

What is your band name "Schillaci Death Stare" inspired by?
It's named after an Italian footballer, Salvatore 'Totò' Schillaci. Watching some clips of the Italia '90 World Cup, he had this charged look on his face that made me think of him in the same light as some comic book hero, or something! The word play in my head just sounded right.

How challenging is being a 'one-man band'?
I'd always said if I had the tools I could express ideas I had that maybe weren't too easy to understand in live playing. I am a self taught 'drummer' (not as good as in my head!) as well as a guitarist and I had been playing bass in Smackjoint in recent years. I suppose one downside is that I don't have other musicians to bounce ideas off, which is how I've always felt I've been able to produce my best work in the past - just jamming with friends. On the flip side to that, I'm not the most patient of people, so I like to lock myself away for a few hours and emerge from my room through a Stars In Their Eyes-esque burst of smoke with a new piece of music when I can.

How long did you take to produce your first EP?
One thing I did to put pressure on myself was to announce it before 80% of it was even written, because I'd heard that some writers work best when under a deadline, so I thought I would test this theory. I set a release date and put it up on Bandcamp and told whoever would listen and in the mean time I worked towards it. I know now it wasn't the right way to do it, perhaps, but i managed it by the skin of my teeth. I started writing and recording at the end of February and finished it just before 5pm on release date, which was April 27!

What are your future plans?
I have just started on EP number 2, as far as ideas, the title, and artwork are concerned, but I won't say too much about that just yet. My flat mate just found an old Omnichord in his parents loft so we've got that out and I've had a little play on it, so you could expect some of that maybe! My ultimate goal would be to get more releases out and if there's a call for it, recruit some trustworthy beings to accompany me on a live venture, but we'll see.

Why did you name your first EP with 'Whiskey Is £24, But I Still Party Like It's £19.99'? Is there a story behind it?
It's just generally word play, and part homage to the first Arctic Monkeys record, in the fact that it has a long title. Of course, that word play comes from a song by the late Prince who sadly passed a week before it was released. So that was a just weird co-incidence. The next one will be a bit more 'toned down' as far as the title is concerned.

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