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Shutta is a photo-from-video app that currently only available on iOS, but soon to be released on Android. We have counducted an interview with the founders.

Who or what inspired you to create this photo-from-video app, Shutta?
The idea for Shutta came to James Shimell, the sole developer of the app, when he was at a Festival of Colours in Tarifa, Spain. Trying to take pictures of the colourful flares of chalk being thrown into the air, all he was able to capture was a blurry mess. He decided then that it would be much easier to take video instead, and to extract the perfect frame later on. When this didn’t turn out to be quite as straightforward as he imagined, James decided to build an app for it himself.

Who named it?
James named the app when he uploaded the first beta release to the App Store. The name is derived from the word “shutter”, the actually device that allows your camera to capture a picture. Most cameras suffer from a certain amount of time lag between the shutter release being pressed and the exposure starting. While this delay is insignificant in many situations, it can be a problem with fast-moving subjects as in sports and other action photography, but also when trying to capture children and animals, for example. Taking a video and extracting the photo later, solves this issue completely.

Which platform does it operate on?
Shutta for iPhone was formally launched on May, 4th 2015 and the Android release is scheduled to coincide with Shutta’s first birthday next week. The team is frantically busy putting the final touches to the Android app, ironing out any issues that have come up during testing. It is going to be a close call to make the release date, but, either way, Shutta for Android will be available very, very soon.

How can users make full use of this app?
The photo-from-video tool sits at the very core of Shutta, and many users simply use the app to extract the right frame and download the photo, in full resolution, to their phone’s camera roll. Life is more fun when you share it with friends, and the integrated social network allows our users to find and invite friends to share their Shutta moments with. In general, the feedback that we have received from our users indicates that most people find the app very intuitive to use. However, usage data tells us that there are still many features – like full-screen scrolling and even the rotate button – that are underutilised. We are planning a much more comprehensive, multi-lingual tutorial or help function to guide our users through all of the functions available within Shutta.

What is "Shutta Missions" for?
Shutta Missions are photo contests that our users can submit their Shutta pictures to for a chance to win a prize. Each mission is different with different prizes; most recently we have completed a kiteboarding photo contest with a Panasonic Lumix digital camera as a prize; a “Moments” mission with 3 Optrix Adventure Cases up for grabs; and we are currently running a mission called Outdoor Adventures with a very cool little Panasonic.Cube+ camera as a first prize.

Which other new features will be incorporated in the near future?
We will be translating the app to multiple languages soon and we continuously update and improve the editing function, including more filters, special effects, etc. We are most excited about the various computer vision technologies that we are developing, which we believe will really start to drive the idea home that photos from video are simply a better way to take good photographs. At the moment Shutta solves the problem of timing and shutter lag, but the new technologies we are building will fix a whole manner of photography problems, like shooting in low light conditions, stabilisation, and resolution enhancement. With these features, photos-from-video are pretty much guaranteed to come out better than a traditional pic ever could.

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