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Trip Trek Travel

JoJo Becker from Minnesota started her travel blog, Trip Trek Travel, to compile resources for budget travel and to share her own travel stories, such as my amazing wildlife trip in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are your usual topics and tips in your travel blog?
Since I focus on budget travel tips, I have posted articles on how to get cheap flights and how to save money in all aspects of your travels. My post popular post is about the best places to travel each month of the year. I took into account weather, crowds, and cost to make the ultimate list.

What are the essential preparations you always make before a trip to a new place?
I have multiple posts that feature travel safety, since it is so important. I think the number one point I cannot stress enough is making copies of your important documents and having a copy in each bag you carry since your bags could get lost or stolen.

Where is your favourite destination of travel?
I absolutely loved my trip in 2014 to South Africa. The wildlife there is incredible, unlike any where else. I also made long lasting friendships on that trip.

How do you consider yourself as a traveler, what are your preferences usually?
I definitely stick to budget traveling and packing light. I don't generally go for the luxurious or expensive trips. Also, I tend to steer more towards outdoor activities or wildlife rather than sightseeing.

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