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Age of Adventure

Jeff Diamond is an author from California. His book the "Age of Adventure" on its surface is a usual fantasy fable, but in reality is a morality play told in a humorous and satirical way. We have conducted an interview with Jeff about his book.

What are your influences and what motivated you to write your book "Age of Adventure"?
I grew up watching shows like the Outer Limits, Twilight Zone, Aesop's Fables; and reading books like Plato's Republic, and Fahrenheit 451, and I always enjoyed the morality play underpinning those stories. They showed me that writing can be noble and entertain at the same time. That shaped me as a writer, and led me to writing Age of Adventure.

How unique are the characters in your story?
Not very! But that's by design. I like to use standard genre tropes, sometimes to the point of comedic parody, to underscore that a setting and it's props are not as important as the story.

Hence the name: 'Castle Black'?
Exactly. Evil wizards might be great at magic, but maybe they suck at naming their lairs.

You also illustrate your own books. How long does that take?
About 3 to 5 months; making a finished book take anywhere from 4 months to a year to publish.

Who is your favorite character?
Besides the main protagonist, the banshee girl 'Blood Lily' because of how she evolves over time.

So, there's more 'adventure' after Age of Adventure?
Oh yes! Four more books underway.

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