AnuanA Jewelry Studio

AnuanA is an all natural, all handmade jewelry studio in Tel Aviv, Israel. We have conducted an interview with them about their journey as artists.

Which kind of stones do you use as part of your handmade jewelry?
We use all semi-precious stones as long as they are 100% natural. Basically, semi-precious stones are usually more abundant therefore more affordable. Our goal is to create high quality handmade healing stone jewelry at affordable prices.

Which is your bestseller (product/design)?
Our Boho stretch bracelets, no doubt! Summer is the hot season for all our wrist Mala bracelets.

How do you stay up-to-date with your designs?
That is all the fun when you're working with natural stones, no matter what we create, in one way or another, it is up-to-date. We love fashion, We live fashion, We breathe fashion.

Which level of eco-friendliness and animal friendliness do you observe in your production processes?
First, all our jewelry are vegan, no animal product!! We are vegans!! About being eco-friendly, it is more complex when you work with stones, after all, you take something from nature itself. Let say your question is well asked :-) Still, even when you take something there is a way to take it. We choose our suppliers well, make sure we don't work with "earth reapers", mostly small family factories. All our metals are nickel/lead-free and dyed with eco-friendly colors, we give away our leftovers to recycle artisans, we recycle, of course, pack with recycled materials & etc… It is all about the little details, anyone can make a big difference with a small change in his/her habits.

What is the price range of your products?
Hooo, this is decently my favorite question, because we work hard to offer affordable prices. I think we don't have a product over 50$ in our online shop right now and that includes shipping cost. Our price range is 14$-50$ more or less.

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