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Hailing from North Carolina, Bahloo Smurf is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to his blend of hip-hop. His recent release "Commotion" is featuring Young Country & Model Zelvonia Swain. We have conducted an interview with him.

How did you begin your journey as an indie rap artist?
I started off looking at all of my favorite artist on television. That is what inspired me to pursue being a rap artist. I love the artistic side of music. All music is art.

Who or which situations have you worked with/in that inspired you the most?
I am inspired by my obstacles. With every struggle lies a true story of triumph. The road has not been easy but I would not change it not one bit. The good and the bad made me the person I am today. I am a champion. I will not give up!

Why did you named your new single 'Commotion'?
I am looking to start a Commotion in the music industry! When people listen to this single I want them to get energized and have a good time. Also I represent for the big girls and thick girls in this song. That alone causes a commotion because it goes against the cultural norms of today’s society. You don’t have to be skinny to slay.

How long did you take to produce this latest single?
Production time was around 2 weeks. The original production came from Enl1te out of California. I was shopping for beats and his production stood out to me. Once I got the production in my studio it took a couple hours with engineer Eddie Kasoom at Diamond Factory Studios to lay it down.

Do you like lyrical reality based rapping? Does it always reflect how you feel in your raps?
Yes, I like lyrical reality based rapping. At the end of the day I wish to reflect a positive person that also has fun within the hip hop community. One particular track produced by PrettyGirlOnDaBeat entitled, " Open Up Your Eyes", comes to mind when you speak of reality based rapping. This track touches on police brutality, violence, racism, and other political topics that touch our communities. Most rappers are scared to go against the grain and stay more commercial. We need some positive role models in hip hop also. You will see me at stop the violence concerts in the future because the REAL true reality to rap is the youth are killing each other and getting killed everyday in the streets.

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