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Digital Marketing course and training for businesses

Tonight our guest is Maria Johnsen who holds a degree in political economy, Beauty Arts from Sorbonne University in Paris, BA in Information technology BA in informatics and a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Maria knows eighteen languages and she developed a unique teaching method for fast learning “Implications for Upgrading Accelerated Learning Practices In Educational Systems”. We have conducted an interview with her.

Is fast learning for a certain age, culture or group of people?
Fast learning can only take place if students are physically and mentally ready to learn and teachers have the proper teaching tools and techniques for this fast paced learning.

Although there are many methods and materials online and offline related to fast learning processes, one cannot apply these methods easily across different cultures. Based on my education and experience, I believe despite age, gender, geographical location and cultural differences, we can learn anything we want as quickly as possible. This opens new doors for accelerated learning.

What do you teach?
I teach online and offline digital marketing, system development and online marketing courses along with languages such as English, Norwegian, French and Russian languages for those who wish to learn them as their second language.

Who should subscribe to your digital marketing courses?
I have run both online digital marketing courses and offline course. My offline digital marketing classes are between 40 and 170 students. My offline courses will be coming up soon and students can subscribe to the course and get notified.

What market leadership experience do you have?
I have had e-commerce projects and helped three companies to become the market leaders in Europe and North Europe. First, I created a plan for becoming the market leader which was my clients’ goals, then I provided customized digital marketing and multilingual digital marketing strategies for them which helped them to increase their share of wallet. For the last eight years, all the work that I have done has been related to taking shopping websites, real estate, and health-related websites from one market into another. I have done market entries for American, Norwegian, German, Hungarian, Russian, British, French, Swedish, Danish and Finnish businesses and web shops, both small and large. In many cases, the market entry has worked out great. For companies which have numerous competitors, it is important that they look at market expansion along with localization. Every developing country looks at their own markets which will provide the maximum growth opportunities. If you cut down your costs, your expenses automatically well go down which will increase your company’s overall profit. The important thing here is to know what the major components in your costing are.

How do you build successful SEO strategies?
I start with on page optimization, optimizing server performance, then I will move on to plan the SEO processes. Every project takes a few months to succeed depending on the age of domain and its historical background.

I apply the right SEO link building and PR strategies for each client. Ranking websites vary from niche to niche. The principle is the same though which is to follow search engines’ guidelines and give the client what he or she needs. For example, some people want to rank their keywords; some others want to increase their brand awareness. So it all depends on clients’ need. So one has to be careful to stay within Google‘s guidelines and at the same time keep the client happy with offering the best results.

What is the most vital characteristic for a digital marketing success?
The most vital characteristic is to apply the right digital marketing strategy in their country. Because the market demand varies in every country. The company should analyze buyer behavior in a specific niche, current trends and then implement digital marketing processes such as SEO, Pay Per Click, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing and Content Marketing.

In my opinion, a company should be flexible to change, willing to learn and having a loyal team of experts who are assigned to do the right task. For example, I have seen a company hired a newly graduated young man without having any experience in digital marketing as a team leader while the others have more experience than him.

Most of the bigger companies and e-commerce business owners hire SEO consultants but they outsource their SEO projects to freelance SEO experts. In here I don’t understand what exactly SEO employee does at the company? If he supposed to outsource to external SEO freelancers, then they could have simply hired anybody to do the job. So why would they spend a lot of money for hiring processes and wasting many candidates’ time? They could have hired anybody for the job.

Sometimes companies hire SEO experts, but they give them to do something else and not SEO. So these tasks should be carefully given to the right person.

At my company, most of the projects are outsourcing ones. Media companies outsource their digital marketing projects to us.

Another important component of digital marketing is content writing. A solid content marketing increases a company’s online presence.

A successful business should have a clear plan before executing anything.

Digital marketing consists of setting up and executing organic search campaigns (SEO), search advertising such as Google Adwords, Facebook advertising, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, mobile advertising, PR and social media marketing. Each process should be done correctly and efficiently otherwise the company won’t succeed in their digital marketing goal.

The spirit of the company should be in the right place, and then the execution processes must be done at the right time. Visit to get started in the training and take you and your business to the next level!

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