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Dream it! Create it! Be it!

Ellen Kerr lives in Romford, Essex. She is a digital influencer, wanting to change the way we perceive digital skills. In her opinion, in the way that we teach, we need to create more innovators. She is the CEO of Dream it Create It Be it | Co-Lead -TLA Education Group. We conducted an interview with her.

What is Dream it! Create it! Be it!?
Arhh…my new found adventure… Dream it! Create it! Be it!? –Solely driven by my passion to promote and provide digital career opportunities to our next generation. However, it's just at planning stages but our programme will support and help learners to access the right digital choices and opportunities.

Be sure to hear more soon………

What is the TLA Education Group?
The ‘Tech London Advocates' is the most influential independent, private sector group in London and we are one of many working groups. The TLA Education group is formed of a collection of Tech Leaders, Experts, and Educators across the private and public sector, that champion how we teach digital skills.

The aim of the group is to help find more digital talent aligned to industry standards in aid of supporting the digital skills gap here in the UK. Committing to share best practice and solutions with each other to ensure we connect and support London's Digital Education the best way we can.

Why is it so important that we influence people to take up a digital Career?
It is very important to educate and influence our younger generation interested in digital careers. 

“A report by O2 claims that the UK economy would need an additional 745,000 digital workers by 2017.” 

Digital careers are increasingly becoming a top choice of chosen career pathways due to fast expansion of the digital industry. The need is pressing for more young digital talents, given that there is a shortage of digital skills for the UK's digital economy in the near future.

How do you influence people to take up a Digital Career?
This is a wide question, as the path into a digital career varies from individual to individual. For some, it's a clear route while for others a picture needs to be shown. By providing these individuals with the knowledge of the opportunities available to them today, for a few it's an unmistakable course. Others need to be furnished and shaped to see and access them 'open doors' available for them today.

In driving a measurable outcome online, what are the most important metrics?
That we educate our next generation to be innovators, resulting in educators focusing on creating the relevant content with real working learning experiences. Solely focusing on improving student outcomes with measurable metrics, as well as preparing students for the world of work and the digital skills require being successful today.

What is your view about how we teach digital skills nowadays?
Education institutes across the country are being introduced to the new digital curriculum, with embedded subjects in software engineering and STEM subject, However, most bouncing to the conclusion that learning "how to code" is the main answer.

The main problem is that industry require skills that;

A. May not be a part of the educational programs yet
B. The educator lacks the knowledge.

If we don't train the educators in the new Digital skills and employment opportunities, we are going to be confronted with the same issues, again and again.

Educators teaching subjects they don't know or have a limited understanding of the subject – resulting in low confident. If students are not receiving the knowledge to understand the software or gadgets today and are being prompted to do heaps of hypothesis this can be very demotivating, and change many individual's concepts of digital career. Instructors that are taught within a new and advanced educational program give out the best employment opportunities available for today.

What can be more effective?
By providing up-to-date training and access to industry support organisations, for the transition period. This does often mean ‘free work' for the industry but if we were to tackle the issue in forces by providing awarding bodies and educators help to design the curriculum. Provide the teachers mentors, help with confident and clear directions.

Replacing old traditional methods with new innovating and motivated teachers will only ensure we are meeting the overall goals

• To fix the digital skills gap in the UK:
• To urge our younger generation to be:
• Eager for development
• Comprehend Enterprise
• Be sensible and an inventive outlook

What do you enjoy the most within your Career?
When I meet youngsters, usually on their mobile phones, convincing me that they do not have any digital skills! Yet…. oddly enough these youngers have the natural skills that organisations and business need to help drive the digital industry.

Generally, most of them are unaware of the potential careers that could be for them, they have no clue what Job Careers are available or that they are generally well paid, fun places to work. We must do something to change this perception as the digital and tech industries are one of the fastest growing industries and have so much room for progression.

I must admit, it is a huge challenge and surprisingly difficult to convince the younger people, especially girls that their natural digital skills are really needed! So…my favourite part is when I introduce all the real work opportunities and pathways. Opening up doors and providing chances to meet and work alongside leading digital experts and their teams for a day. This is very inspiring watching the leaders show them that they really do have the skills required. The knowledge, confidence and skills they develop are just what they need to go further in the digital industry and it is the best feeling ever.

How can we encourage more innovators?
By encouraging learners, unemployed people and employees to step out of their comfort zone, to be an innovator! And Teaching learners the motto -You only live once. Go for it.

• Leadership skills – encourage innovation
• Entrepreneurial Skills – Build your own empire
• Creative mind-sets – create new things or improve on them
• Understand logic and how things work, this increases problem solving and practical thinking.

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