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Fantasy Portraits

Our guest today is Tracey Pettis from San Rafael, CA. She is a Fantasy Portrait photographer. Fantasy Portraits is a way to help women go deeper and learn how to uncover their true selves. We have conducted an interview with Tracey.

How do you help women go deeper and learn how to uncover their true selves?
We start by getting to know you through a discovery session. You share what you’re comfortable sharing: your biggest dreams, desires, hopes, aspirations. The object is for you to let your imagination go and explore.

Through this process, a concept will gel. Together, we'll fine-tune the image, getting more excited about the portrait as we go.

Why is this creative process to unlock a personal image that expresses your 'soul' self useful?
Our mission at Fantasy Portraits is to help women go deeper and learn how to connect with their inner beauty and soul. To unlock a personal image that expresses their "spiritual" self. Through exploring and understanding a side of yourself you may not think about in your everyday life, you increase your self-esteem and self-love.

A photographic image is a preservation tool. Your Fantasy Portrait becomes part of who you are at this stage of your life’s journey. It becomes part of your legacy and history.

Does it work on men too? Why/why not?
Creating a Fantasy Portrait will work with men too. It’s just not something we’re focusing on at the moment, though we do work with couples. The research is still out for me personally, but I feel I can help women more because I’m a woman.

When a woman steps into that other self, what kind of results have you seen that are the most significant?
The best way to explain is that after the decision is made to have the portrait created, things change immediately. There is a shift toward happiness. Excitement builds as they start sharing dreams and tapping into their imagination. An awakening comes with the sharing of memories. An invisible weight is lifted with the feeling that someone is listening to who they are inside.

Enthusiasm as the portrait starts to become more of a reality. Fun in choosing the outfits and styling, (it’s like playing dress-up when you were little in a safe, supportive environment). Enjoyment in being pampered and the star on photoshoot day.

Then the “wow” when they see their portrait revealed, that is the most exciting part!

Unleashing someone’s creativity and unlocking someone’s heart is the biggest reward for me.

Which are ideal places/locations to photograph the fine-art fantasy portrait?
Magical or mystical locations. Locations that have meaning for the person creating the portrait. For example, we just did one in Maui. The woman in the portrait has a powerful connection with Hawaii and Maui. The portrait combines a dream she had of white feathers falling all around her with all the beauty the island has to offer. So we created this timeless portrait in this stunning location that she has such a connection to. The more stunning the location, the more powerful the portrait becomes.

If you’d like to explore creating your Fantasy Portrait, send an email to

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