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Global Sedan

Edward Mbeche is the CEO and Founder of Global Sedan an on demand car service company that will be launched in January 2017. We have conducted an interview with Edward about their plans.
What is "Global Sedan" about?
Yes! Global Sedan is a new player in town, we provide customizable on Demand Car Service. The growing popularity of on demand transportation is a worldwide phenomenon and is now a preferred way of travel for millions. However, contrary to the popular assumption, Uber and Lyft are not the only companies out there that offer such services.

How is Global Sedan different compared to competitors?
We are very different, unlike some of our competitors, we care about service quality and passenger safety—not just profit. It is not uncommon to see car services hiring drivers with no suitable insurance to cover passengers. These companies do not assume liability, making them impossible to hold them accountable.

Services such as Uber and Lyft have drawn widespread criticism for their lack of insurance coverage, a business model that is costing them millions of dollars in lawsuits owing to faulty or inadequate safety policies.

What’s Global Sedan vision?
When I started Global Sedan, my vision was to provide a better option for drivers and passengers. Unlike most app-empowered car services, Global Sedan will provide clients with a minimum of $1 million insurance in case of an accident. Since we are legally responsible for clients’ personal safety, we are compelled to prevent mishaps—more than the competition is. We care about our passengers more than the rest, but we utilize the same technology for a service that is far better and more secure. We are hiring experienced, professional drivers and conducting background checks.

What benefits does 'multiple stops' and 'multiple cars' extend for your Corporate Clients?
Yes both are great options for clients, who want to order multiple cars to pick up at the same time, or make multiple stops… If you used other car app before, when you have multiple stops it only allows you to enter pick up location and destination, and if you happen to have multiple stops, you will have to direct the driver where to go, with our customizable service, it allows the driver to just follow the gps for easy direction and less confusing when it comes to billing because it shows your route.

How will Global Sedan drivers be different from other competitors?
Good questions, Well we understand that good drivers are the most precious asset for any transportation company, We are developing an in-house training program that will include how to inform new drivers about our high standards of safety and customer service; All drivers will be required to receive mandatory training on Safety, Customer Service and Sexual Harassment Awareness and Prevention. Drivers can take the training through videos or by bimonthly email updates.

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