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Prathamesh Sapte lives in Mumbai, India. He works as a creative writer at Star Sports. Since childhood horror has been his favorite genre. This hobby inspired him to start Horriflicks: a collection of short horror stories. We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspires you to create "Horriflicks: a collection of short horror stories"?
None of my stories are fictional. I grew up living and hearing most of them. They are all real life experiences and not just a fragment of my imagination. I had fears. I have lived them. Now I want the world to experience it. Hence Horriflicks.

How do you craft your characters in your short stories?
Most of characters are inspired by people around me. People with weird behaviour and creepy traits. In them, I find my stories.

Where do you share your stories?
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just one part of it. I share it with people who have a similar imagination.

How do you execute Horriflicks?
I share these with my cousin Siddhesh. Who further designs and executes them. Our every image has one element from the respective story. Together we make an inseparable team. Just like 'Siamese Twins'. One a writer by profession and a story-teller by passion. Other an art director who loves to paint the canvas red.

Have you discovered one of your favourite style of writing? Which is it?
Staccato. Unlike long sentences, this format keeps readers engaged. needless to mention, it brings out the surprise element seamlessly. And that's what we want our readers to experience. Fear in few words. That's us: Horriflicks. Prathamesh and Siddhesh Sapte.
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