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Kalima - The Secret of the Jungle

Nestor R Eguez is a Technology Teacher who immigrated with his family from Uruguay, South America to California, twenty years ago in searching of a better life. Since then, he has been teaching at Adult and Vocational schools. He had always an interest in writing and one day 10 years ago while helping his kids with a school project, was the moment that his first book born. From there he wrote two more books completing the collection. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long did you take to create your first book?
Took me more than ten years. I'm a technology teacher, and writing wasn't a priority in my life. Was more like an item in my bucket list. But one day helping my kids with a school project, this story came to me in a very especial way. After that, a lot of things happened, good and bad, but I never gave up, until I published the book in the way I wanted..

Why did you choose to explore humanity's perception of its respect to nature and animals rights with your first Fantasy YA book?
I'm an animal lover. My parents took care of a lot of them, and I had the privilege to grow up in a home surrounded by dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits etc. For that I always knew that my first book will be about animals. Of course I combined in the story a strong message for the future generation about this two very crucial topics right now. I did it in a funny way, because I believe it's going to have a better impact into the young community.

Why is it a trilogy?
I followed an advise from my son Federico. He is the only person very close to me and the story's journey. He helped me a lot in the process, and in 2012 he suggested me to break down the whole tale in three parts. Something that was a very clever idea.

Which are the two other themes of the second and third book?
The Volumes II and III are also part of the Kalima's journey. The difference in both is that the little zebra is not in the Jungle anymore. The change of environment, I think, gives the story more color and variety with the interaction between humans and animals.

How did you craft these characters in the story?
As I told you before, the story came to me as a message. However was a general idea, the beginning, the main character and the end were very clear from day one. Of course then, I had to fill the blanks in between. During this process the rest of the characters came naturally fitting the structure of the story.

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