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Love, Deceit and Deception

Love, Deceit and Deception is a book about what happens when you refuse to accept yourself or if you refuse to let go of the past. This story also shows what happens when you allow jealousy to get the best of you. Its a good story that know everyone will be able to relate to in one way or another.

Which characters presents the most complexities of human behaviour?
The three main characters all show the complexities of human behavior. Kindell with shame, Jabier with jealousy and Jayla with self-pity.

How long did you take to write and publish this book?
It took me nine years to perfect the book to where I wanted it to be and it took me nine months to get it published.

What inspires you the most in the story?
What inspired me the most in this story was the need to stress how important it is to be yourself no matter the cost. Despite the fact that Jabier's reason behind trying to get Kindell to accept himself and live in his truth was very biased, I feel like this character stood for what I was trying to bring forth in this story, concerning that particular situation.

Is your main character Kindell, in your story of "Love, deceit, deception" developed and crafted based real people you knew/met? 
No Kindell is not a character developed or based on a real person. He is one hundred percent fiction.

If there will be a Part 2 for this book, which aspect of the plot do you think will be worth developing further?
Yes, there will be a part 2 to Love, Deceit and Deception. In part two, there will be a few new characters that will be introduced into the story, but the relationship between Jayla and Javier will be further developed.

How can your readers look out for your future releases?
You can look for me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to find find out about new releases.

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