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Mademoiselle French Collection

Victoria Napolitano is the designer of the Mademoiselle French Collection, an all-new design line where brides-to-be can get their dream wedding dresses. She has become well-known for her passion and attention to detail when it comes to design, and now, she’s infusing her artistry into one-of-a-kind, romance driven wedding dresses for celebrities and elite clientele alike. We have conducted an interview with her.

How do you infuse romanticism into a sophisticated yet sensual design?
I have always been inspired by passion and romance. I have enjoyed old movies of love and romance since I was a young girl. This influence of vintage style carries through to the design of my dresses and magazines. My customers and readers have an immersive experience that is unique and special. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than seeing the joy I bring to others through my work.

What are your wedding dresses designs best known for?
My dresses are known for their elegantly classic look. They have beautiful lines and details, and many are designed specifically for certain clients. Also, many of my dresses are hand-painted by New York Fashion Week designer, Mariya Miocicova. This is a rare and unique touch. In addition, every dress comes with an original story written by me. The story comes in a hardbound book, which is delivered with the dress. My clients can include a photoshoot with their design package. The finished photos will be contained in an app created just for them so they can share the images with friends and family.

What do you do to pamper your clients?
My clients can choose from an array of packages. The highest end packages include chauffeurs, skincare and make up from my Mademoiselle Collection, custom magazines, calligraphy services, photographers, and video productions. But of these products and services can be added to any package. I want to make each person feel special and unique.

Can you explain what is a "World-class experience" and how does it differentiates you from other wedding dress designers?
Most wedding dress designers design their dresses and brides must choose from whatever is available. The soon-to-be-bride has to fit into the designer’s mold. With my custom dresses, I meet with the bride-to-be and interview her about her likes and dislikes in a wedding dress. I want to know what she feels are her strong and not so strong features. I then design the dress around her to make a perfect fit. I will sketch the gown as we chat. Once we both are thrilled with the design. I will send examples of materials and colors to confirm exactly what she likes. It is important for the bride-to-be actually touch and feel the fabric.

Why did you choose Judi Blair for the launch of Mademoiselle French Collection?
I was looking for the release of the movie Magic Mike XXL and saw her name and photograph. She is so beautiful I asked for an interview. During the interview, it was apparent she is different. She believes in giving back, spreading the word of her faith, and helping others. The world would truly be a better place if more people had her mindset. It took me over a year of hard work to put my entire Mademoiselle French Collection together. Once I did, I knew that Judi Blair would be the perfect woman to represent my classic and upscale designs. She is a remarkable and beautiful person inside and out. I am so honored and excited that I will be creating her wedding dress!

Victoria Napolitano
The Victoria Napolitano Group
315 Montgomery St.
9th Floor
San Francisco, CA 94104
Phone: 800-283-6157

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