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OMEALS Homestyle Meals

Saul Mishkin is an entrepreneur from Miami, Florida. As an experienced and respected entrepreneur he recently launched of his new brand Omeals. We have conducted an interview with him.

When did you launch OMEALS?
OMEALS officially launched in August 2015, but the concept and vision was created back in 2013.

What is OMEALS about?
OMEALS is a brand of self-heating, fully cooked food designed and developed for the outdoors. Our mission is simple; we’re here to change the way you eat outdoors!

What is the story behind OMEALS?
The story behind OMEALS is very intertwined with my own story. Twenty years prior to OMEALS’ launch, I was supplying products in the defense industry in over 75 countries. Along the way, I started getting requests for Military MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) and food rations, after the proper research and sourcing I added MRE’s to my product lines. Shortly after, I was delivering millions of food rations to places that most people probably never knew existed. I wast immediately curious and impressed with the technology behind the portability and convenience of thermally processed shelf stable food products.

During this same time while traveling around the world on business, I became interested in endurance and outdoor sports. I have always been passionate about the mental and physical challenges that endurance athletes possess and I decided I wanted to get into the best physical and mental shape of my life. I was up for the challenge. While training to compete in several Ironman races and logging more than 40 hours every week of training, I realized that proper nutrition was one of the key factors to success. Yet, there were times and places when traditional food sources were not available or easily accessible. On training days when I wasn’t able to eat properly, I could not perform as well and would immediately notice the difference in my energy levels.

I realized that this same conundrum applied to other activities and situations such as remote areas, outdoors, emergencies, survival situation, military, remote areas and more. While I was training for long hours almost everyday, I asked myself how can I solve this problem and realized the solution was within the shelf stable food technology that I have used for years, but I wanted to take it to the next level by improving on the taste, nutrition and functionality depending on the various possible uses and market segments either based on cultural preferences diet restrictions or specific configurations for specific applications.

During this time and before starting OMEALS, I started a Military Grade MRE brand, XMRE, where I was able to work closely with many of the manufacturers who supply the US Military MRE’s.

The main component of the MRE meal kits is the entrees, which are a shelf-stable retort pouch. Working with these products gave me the additional tools to make OMEALS a reality.

My company runs both the OMEALS and XMRE brands. OMEALS is focused in the outdoor marks and XMRE serves institutions and preparedness markets.

What do you see as the opportunities and value of this brand?
The opportunities for OMEALS are endless. Our current focus is in the outdoor industry because that is where the idea for OMEALS first came to be. We have seen requests for OMEALS from all sorts of people because we offer a fully cooked, self-heating food option. I believe the true value of this brand is made up of that fact that we offer an extremely convenient, nutritional, self-heating food option. OMEALS is just beginning and we’re off to a great start. We’re truly changing the way people eat, with our first focus being outdoors.

What is your profession and specialization?
I studied in industrial engineering but I have been an entrepreneur my whole life. The mix of these two things has made me a good sales engineer with a hand on approach to solving problems and creating opportunities and values.

As every problem is different, how do you lead by examples when solving of problems?
Problems are only problems if you label them as such. In my life, there are no problems only challenges. I digest the situation in small stages to better understand what challenges lie ahead. I try to concentrate on all the particular details to fix them one by one, step by step. I am always looking forward on how the decision I will make to solve a challenge will affect a future decision.

What other sectors or fields/industries do have you experiences in?
Being an entrepreneur, I have dabbled in many fields. Prior to my days in the defense industry, I operated a commercial landscaping and irrigation service company in Peru. I have traded hygiene products throughout the Amazon, represented manufacturers in countries most people cannot pronounce, bought and sold mining equipment and exported products around the world. I mentioned above about my time in the defense industry, but I also managed international projects for many companies overseas. I have created online stores and manufacturing facilities while positioning brands in different markets. By far the most challenging and rewarding field I have experience in is being a husband, father and raising my 5 beautiful kids.

What is your greatest strength?
I would say that my greatest strength is my resilience and commitment to do more and be better. I am constantly pushing myself beyond what is capable and possible and finding a way to make it happen. For me, at the end everything is going to be alright and if is not alright then its is not the end.

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