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Stephen John Flanagan is the Founder and CEO of He is an Irish long time expat in Prague. They are a very unusual startup, with over 20 years, 200 projects and a dozen of brands behind them, bringing massive disruption to shopping industry. We have conducted an interview with Stephen.

What is the RedCrox genesis?
I love sports, I play sports, I am a sports fan (a Liverpool Football Club one at that) and a serial sports entrepreneur. My first related sports venture was over 20 years ago, so is the latest one. Welcome to

I have been working on building products based on the thrill our beloved sports can give to us, and even to those who have never played or liked sports. But now the "hunt" for the ULTIMATE GAME is over: now both sides can win! It’s simple, you shop and game your receipt by guessing a particular result. If you got it right, you got 100% CashBack on your receipt. And it’s FREE! We've built your next habit, connecting shopping, sports and fun in one place.

From every day shopping to vacations, diamonds, designer clothing, electronics, cars, hotels, even tickets to sold-out events, you can find almost everything on the RedCrox marketplace. Shop & Play and earn 100% CashBack. It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s free. Shopping is now more enjoyable than ever!

I am not the only one behind today and we sure are an unusually blended team! With over 200 projects behind us, dozens of successful brands and over 100 years of combined experience, we are a well mixed team of passionate entrepreneurs, young talents and good friends.

What Is RedCrox?
RedCrox is a knowledge-based game where users are able to play their shopping receipts and earn 100% CashBack. Members are required to upload their receipts from RedCrox shopping partners, guess a future game or event result, and if they got it right, earn the 100% CashBack. It's fun, it‘s easy and it‘s100% free! Initially launched in Europe by Stephen John Flanagan, an Irish serial entrepreneur and sports promoter, is now a global group incorporated in Wyoming, USA.

Why RedCrox is revolutioning the way we shop?
Before RedCrox, most marketing incentives were boring, if not cumbersome, you had to pile coupons, wait for sales or events, or rely on raffles on which you had no influence. With RedCrox, we not only “Give a second life to your receipt” but we make it fun and gameful. You chose the game or the event which is most fun to you or on which you have most knowledge. You control your guess. And you have the thrill !

How Does RedCrox Work For A User?
Step 1: Register To Step 2: Shop At One Of Our Partner’s Online or Brick & Mortar Shop Step 3: Scan or take A Picture Of Your Receipt (Use Your Phone or Scan It) Step 4: Upload Your Receipt On Step 5: Select Your Game/Event Step 6: Use Your Knowledge To Guess The Answer To The Question asked Step 7: Answered Correctly? Congratulation! You Just Won 100% CashBack! 8. The money corresponding to your Receipt's face value is transferred to you within 30 days of providing payment details. Please note: You play the face value of your receipt. No payments of any kind are required. One receipt per game ONLY.

Stephen John Alexander Flanagan - Founder and CEO. I am an Irish, Brooklyner and a long term expat, father of two, a big Liverpool FC fan and real beer lover. RedCrox is still a start up so I don’t know if I am the trainer, the playmaker number 10 and the forward here, but I am a team leader and passionate entrepreneur. I believe that is better to create something and be criticized than to create nothing and criticize others.
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