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Today our guests are Craig Dennis and Toby Allen from Colchester / Sudbury. They are streaming and making retro game videos and they raise money for charity. We have conducted an interview with them.

Which kind of games do you stream? Why do you make retro game videos? Most game videos businesses would have made it a profit-based, why do you choose to coincide it with charity?
We play the games of our childhood! Anything retro and somewhat pixelated and it's good for us. The reason we choose to play retro is firstly because we enjoy playing them, secondly because many people love retro gaming and we want to create an exciting experience and show full completions of games people maybe haven't seen before, or been able to complete themselves.

How different and unique are your videos and how do you draw your target audiences' attention?
We bounce off of each other very well and genuinely find the games fun to play! People watching us over the last 2 weeks (We only started then) have told us they love how we interact with the viewers and we are so fun to watch. That makes us even happier so there's much more fun to come :)

What was interesting that has happen at the charity event on 10th June?
Sadly, Toby and I have both lost close family members to cancer. We found that MacMillan cancer support played a huge role in supporting our families through the very difficult times. We decided to do something fun and positive for the charity event and set to raise £300. So we decided the Game Changer event was the way to go and ran a 24 hour marathon that was live streamed on twitch. We had some ups and downs and all arounds but we managed haha!

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