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Ricky Bell on improving healthier behavior

Ricky Bell is a University researcher identifying a way better way forward with obesity, which like other NCD’s, is a progressive global phenomena. They're identifying what people will relate to as a conduit to both improving healthier behaviour and importantly maintaining that change. We have conducted an interview with him.

How long have you been in the research work of NCDs (Non-Communicable Diseases)?
4 years

Which is more difficult: to improve or maintain the change?
Linking what people know they should be doing to what they actually do, the best advice offered to people rarely leads to sustained behaviour change.

How does community connections help in the reshaping?
For too long our Universities have ‘decided’ what’s best for communities, we’re challenging that and reversing the power differential. Keeping it local and enabling communities to identify what’s has the best chance of working for them has to be the way forward.

How many people are there in your research team? What are their strengths?
We are a community of people, supported by 2 Universities – the University of Otago and Massey University.

What do people normally relate to whenever it is to move forward with obesity?
This question doesn’t make sense? I’m thinking you are coming from a position of ‘personal responsibility’….our approach is more bigger picture stuff. Legislative and corporate drivers make it really difficult for people to maintain healthy behaviours in their environments.

Follow Ricky's twitter if you want to keep up to date on changes in the world of obesity and what our research team discovers:

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