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Tonight our guest is Dr. Jeff Shuford the owner of It is a veteran owned and operated business that develop award-winning mobile apps, websites and tv and radio advertisements. We have conducted an interview with Jeff.

Which is the most rewarding app developed so far? What awards have TechFromVets won?
That's a great question. Our Brentwood Golf Course app has been the most rewarding. After we shared the app on our Tech From Vets facebook page and our business partners Courtyards At San Jose page we received over 100 downloads and 50 five star reviews. There is no greater feeling than knowing people are interested in downloading and utilizing your digital product. There are people who downloaded and rated the app that have never been to the golf course before, we are very fortunate to have great facebook fans. Also, due to the fact Brentwood Golf Course is a city-owned golf course we felt it our duty to showcase the attributes of Northeast Florida's hidden gem. We have won 2 Technology Awards from breakaway daily, a Humanitarian Award, and a Technology Business of The Year 2016 Award. We have also earned app of the day and app of the week, we are truly honored to receive the flood of positive recognition we have in 2016. We are a veteran owned and operated business, we deeply care about the companies we work with.

Why is the hour-by-hour feature of your app so popular?
Golfers like to be well educated about the weather. Northeast Florida weather is very unpredictable, we want golfers to be safe and have fun regardless of the weather. Also, Jacksonville Florida can get very hot, we want everyone not just the golfers to be safe and well educated about the weather. Obviously, Brentwood's golfers feel the same way that we do, they love the weather feature.

Who are the key users of the apps/services that you have developed?
We have a wide range of users. We develop apps that everyone can use and find beneficial. We have kids as young as 9 years old using the Brentwood Golf Course app, it's truly amazing. It appears businesses that are interested in innovating and reaching a larger target market are the companies that employ us to develop mobile applications.

How do you plan to expand your services?
We are always interested in innovating our services. We spend countless hours focused on making our product better for our users. We pride ourselves on creating mobile applications that users find valuable, after all, we want the user to have a great experience. We currently are integrating our platform to have the ability to accept loyalty cards, we have several businesses in our network that would love to go digital with their businesses paper loyalty card system. We are always interested in saving businesses money, paper and ink costs can get very expensive. We will be launching our loyalty card system in August!

What advice would you give to clients who are interested in mobile applications?
I would advise the client to do some research to really understand the application development process. Also, the business should have a clear idea of who the app should serve. Apps that serve the organization are enterprise apps, users are more engaged and interested in apps that make their business experience better. I would definitely advise the business to shop around, a mobile application can cost anywhere from $20,000 to 1 million dollars to develop and deploy, not to mention several months of development. With Tech From Vets, we develop and deploy mobile applications for a fraction of the cost application companies charge, and we deploy apps in as early as a week on certain platforms. Our motto is "we keep our prices low to help your business grow".

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