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The 3rd Secret

Tonight our guest is Michael, from Ireland. A new author who just wrote a book called 'The 3rd Secret'. We have conducted an interview with him.

Which genre(s) of book is "The 3rd Secret" and who is most suitable/recommended to read it?
This is a fiction novel that involves vampires, deep dreams, paranormal to an extent, and in come scenes, Drama. This book would be most suitable for teens, possibly 16 and above. I think that age because it might hard for people younger to understand, but most definitely people who are into these genres should read this book

What happened to all four versions to this book?
They were discarded, and changed into different projects. On the final attempt. I tried to do something different, and something that was regarded 'saturated' and try to turn it into a unique piece of writing, in this case, vampires.

How had the first version of the book about a post apocalyptic college student's survival develops? How was the character crafted?
It was actually crafted in my sleep. I have very expressive dreams sometimes, and one of them was a post apocalyptic college student's survival, when I had it, I immediately wrote it down, and that was it, it had developed more from there. This was the time i was actually considering writing a book, and had no idea what to write about

Why do you think you kept rewording what you wrote about this book? What is 'the power' behind?
I think i kept re-wording and changing it was because I wanted it to be perfect, and the best I could write it. I just had to remember, that there is no such thing as perfection, and I can do the best I can do. I was consistently changing it for the past 3 years, and it wasn't until last year, that I just went for it, no changes and tried to create a diverse and unique universe.

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