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The Life x Times of Eric

Eric lives in Commonwealthville and he is producing a podcast called "The Life x Times of Eric". It is a motivational, inspirational and relatable podcast where he discusses different topics and things people go through or do. We have conducted an interview with Eric.

Why did you start the podcast for "The Life x Times of Eric"?
I started the The Life X Times of Eric podcast that is available on soundcloud, itunes and stitcher because I feel there is so many subjects, ideas and thoughts that I think and know other people can relate to as well. My whole podcast is relatable to everyone regardless of your age. That`s why I love it so much every show I create is something different and motivational that will you make think, laugh and inspire you to go after your dreams, desires or goals.

Which are the most popular topics discussed?
Every topic is popular in my opinion because each topic comes from a place to help discuss, inform and motivate all my supporters. When you ask what are the most popular topics discussed everything is important because no subject is greater then the other everything that I speak about is created to push and motivate my supporters.

What do you think are the important elements of motivational, inspirational and relatable podcast?
I think being authentic and being your self, I say it all the time i`m not perfect nor do I claim to be at all. God is working on me daily to be a better person, with that being said my podcast is relatable because everything I discuss you can either understand, went through or maybe facing. That`s why all my podcast are and always will be relatable.

What had been the things people go through or do? How did it inspire you as the podcast creator?
People go through ups and downs along with dealing with fears,non-motivation and negativity around them. All these inspire me because I have went through and experience these things and everyone will because were human. Even though they occur I constantly let my supporters know to stay positive, motivated and inspired along with blocking out those negative thoughts or people who don`t want you to be successful.

Who do you want to reach specifically?
I want to reach everyone why? because my messages and topics have no age range so when I discuss topics like consistence, producing or fears these three topics like the others I discuss have no age, name or description. My goal is touch, influence and shape as many listeners that I can with my relatable, motivational and inspiring topics. That is why I am thankful for everyone who listens or tells a friend to listen. Without the supporters their would be no me.

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