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Tonight our guest is Rekeaux Nyte from Philadelphia, PA. We conducted an interview with him about his E-books.

How do you craft the characters in "THE PHILADELPHIA CLAN: An Erotic Horror"?
Every character came from people I've known in the Navy. I took different idiosyncrasies (good & bad) to create my characters.

Which character challenges you the most while you were writing this book?
Writing every character challenged me because I didn't want to pay royalties, or cause hard feelings, (or get beaten up, LOL). What I found amusing, & intriguing was 3 people to whom I "loosely" modeled 3 of my characters after, each of those individuals (WITHOUT KNOWING) favored the character that was directly modeled after them.

In your personal opinion, which are the 2 most artificial situations in your book, and what settings does it take?
It's a story of Vampires, so for me, every situation was artificial, (LOL). However, there's a scene where the leading male, Isaac is on the balcony overlooking the East River. He's with Patricia & after hearing how she turned the owner of that fabulous Estate into her slave, Isaac gets so "excited" that she has to throw him down into the treacherous East River, (100 feet below). Another challenge came when Patrica turned her sister to The Nightlife, I rewrite it many times; it was too "extreme".

Is there a future plan to extend this story into another book two?
Part 2 will be released within the next week, in fact.

Who or what inspires you in the erotic part of your writing works?
After 10 years in the Navy, the lifestyle was erotic, so what now seems erotic to others, was just another day in the life. And a rule for writing is to write what you know.

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