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The School Bus Adventure

Tom Frankel is a 26 year old father, entrepreneur, brand and marketing consultant. He recently began his independent consultant work and in the meantime have taken on a project. He traded in his 2nd vehicle for a retired school bus and he is turning it into an RV for his son and him to go camping in! He created a blog to document this project, The School Bus Adventure. We have conducted an interview with him.

Where did you get the idea to turn a retired school bus into an RV?
It's something I've thought about before, really this all came about by circumstance. I happened to have a 2nd vehicle that wasn't being used and happened to have found the bus via random Craigslist browsing. Since I had both the time and the means to make it happen, I did!

Where do you plan to go on your first few trips once the overhaul is complete?
This is still up in the air, yet to be decided. Perhaps we will put it to an audience vote on social media when the time comes, otherwise I might just take out the map and let Zeke point to a spot and go!

When do you think the project will be done? Any future projects planned?
I would expect at this rate - pending any major screw ups, mishaps and what not - the project will be complete within the next 2 months. As for future projects, this is up in the air as well! I've never been a handy with tools, but this project has already taught me a lot. I love to get my hands dirty and learn as I go, so I'm sure I'll find something when the time comes.

Who else has helped with the project thus far?
My brother Andrew has helped a few times, as well as a few friends (Ryan and Katie). I've had hired help too from my mechanic around the corner of course, as well as the welder coming up to put the metal floor back in. There's still so much left to do!

What are some of the upgrades you're considering for the RV cabin?
I plan on installing some sort of solar array and battery storage bank. I'll also have a small propane grill and d/c converter. At this point nothing has been finalized outside of installing a few cots and a toilet haha. Working on a shoe string budget and taking this one day at a time is the best I've got!

Which is the most exciting part of the project for you at this point?
I have to say outside of learning new skill sets in general, what's been most exciting is how excited my son has been about the entire project. He's been hands on in the demo process and even did a video for the blog a few posts ago. His enthusiasm and love for all things life in general is contagious.

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