Yoga Family Violet Alignment

Tonight our guest is Foteini Dimitriou, founder of Yoga Family Violet Alignment. She is a Yoga teacher trainer certified by Yoga Alliance based in Athens, Greece.

What are your unique qualities as a Yoga trainer?
As a yoga trainer, I believe the best tool is the love that I have for what I do and for the participants of the classes I teach. With the combination of the knowledge on Yoga teaching (I have been participating in a lot of Yoga Teacher training's and seminars), plus my experience the last nine years that I have been teaching. I am close to the different needs of the people who come to practice yoga for different reasons. They want to be more relaxed, get extra vitality, increase their self-confidence, have a strong and flexible body. Often come because they have physical problems such as back pain, problems with their joint and much more.

All these years I have seen people achieving their goals, being closer to their real self and this gave me the strength to create two teacher training. Yoga Teacher Training 200hr and Yoga Kids Teacher Training 90hr. I feel happy to share all the tools I have learned through the years of my practice as a Yoga teacher so that a teacher can be confident on how to teach to these different categories of people who approach the path of Yoga. The participants by the alignment method of teaching can practice safely with fewer injuries.

How do you make each of your training sessions outstanding?
The training is a closer step to ourselves. By giving space to our real potential so that it can be revealed with the combination of the techniques we use in each training, yoga participants feel fulfillment. Step by step people come closer to their goals in every aspect of their lives and obtain physical, emotional or mental clarity.

Why should yoga enthusiasts visit your school?
Answer 3b: We use asana based on the alignment method so that we can have a healthy body. Techniques such as the observer, so that we can get to know our own disharmony and find the solution to what we need. Our minds are trained to stand still, our emotional body is synchronized in balance by meditation, pranayama, mudras and other techniques. We approach our real self so that our lives are outstanding.

What are the key topics included in the course about "Yoga Kids Teacher Training" starting in October?
I could say that we have dimensional knowledge. We learn how to teach Yoga to children aged 3-15, how to teach Yoga in the classroom and Yoga for special needs and how we can combine a fairytale with the yoga lesson. I believe a Yoga teacher must have knowledge of these different categories so that he/she can approach kids with different needs. Our love with the combination of knowledge can really help children a lot. All these years I have seen children getting stronger, more relaxed... In this way, we are able to offer a great service to the children and seeing them blooming as a flower.

How is the licensed training useful for yoga teachers who wants to teach kids?
The licensed training is useful because the schools, studios and centers that Yoga teachers will cooperate will know that the mandatory training in order to be certified by Yoga Alliance is completed so they can teach to children. By fulfilling the 90hr training the certification teachers receive is worldwide.

Why is it important to obtain a licensed training?
Because in this way, knowing that the certification is verified by an international institution like Yoga Alliance Yoga teachers feel sure and confident that they can really teach Yoga to children. Many people love children and want to offer to them, but I believe it is important to combine knowledge so that they will feel safe about what they should do in all these different categories of children. Also, children gain more from their teachers that have both knowledge and lovely what they do. All of the schools that I have taught Yoga to children wanted me to show them my certification and this is great because in this way kids are taught through a certified system and they surely deserve the best!

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