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2nd Chance - Sky’s The Limit

George Jacobs is Guitarist, Songwriter, Composer, Arranger, Producer, and Performer. With a musical style similar to Carlos Santana, George Jacobs has been a musical force ever since the release of his 1975 Gold-record album with the group called Chango, and for the past 3 decades, this world-renowned guitarist and songwriter has performed, produced, and written songs for major acts in rock, metal, blues and jazz as well as fusion and Latin American music. George just completed recording in Miami for his upcoming EP, 2nd Chance - Sky’s The Limit. We have conducted an interview with him.

What inspired your band to produce this song "Sky's The Limit”?
It’s always been my goal to reach as high as I can in what ever I do. I am still reaching for the sky in my music to be extremely successful, I have always believed it, and I always will. George Jacobs- writer, guitarist, leader.

Which top charts did it reach and how does your band feels about this achievement?
It’s on it’s way, it’s getting national Radio air play right now.

What is your band's musical style?
Pop Rock, very original.

Who has your guitarist recorded and toured with?
Chango, ABC Records Gold Record. Tina Turner, Bob Seager, Journey, Styx, Lesly West, Journey, etc.

If your band can have it your way, which 3 musicians in your genre would you choose to work with for your future music productions? 
Rob Thomas, great singer, Love his voice. Carlos Santana, I can hang with him. No Problem. Bruno Mars, Great writer, Love his style.

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