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Colour Therapy Twist

Esther Loftus Gough is a children's book author. She writes colourful vibrant educational quirky books with a fun colour therapy twist! We have conducted an interview with her.

How long have you been in writing children's book with a colour therapy twist?
I have been writing all my life. I come from a writer family that's why I kept my maiden name Loftus as good luck because my grandfather wrote the history of east Africa and growls and grumbles for schools. As a child, I loved to write and storytelling. Auntie Bertie was a scary tyrant aunt who stayed with us as children. She was formidable and walked with a limp and a thump with her walking stick! Scary to hear her coming to tell us off when we were noisy or naughty!

How did you develop her character with a colour therapy?
The idea came to me suddenly. Colour therapy twist! I realise more and more to follow my instincts!

Why did you like this feature about colour therapy for your writing?
I love colour therapy. It's a powerful tool to help with calming the mind. It looks vibrant bright and jolly on a page and has an overwhelmingly uplifting effect on the mind.

Which are your favourite uplifting positive colours?
I love magenta. It's spiritual uplifting soothing colour. It can change with my daily mood.yellow if I'm feeling bright and turquoise for a new start.

Esther's books are available at Amazon:
Auntie Bertie and the Flying Circus Mouse: With a Colour Therapy Twist!
Blue in the Tooth: Teeth Hygiene with a Color Therapy Twist!

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