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Our guest today is Mansi Rana, the founder of EZ Rankings in New Delhi. We have conducted an interview with her.

What are the Myths Surrounding SEO?
There are many myths surrounding SEO.
a). SEO is CHEAP. Well, SEO isn’t cheap because quality SEO requires quality content.

b). SEO is instant: SEO is a long term process. Unlike PPC, SEO takes time to reflect changes & measure impact. So one got to be patient while SEO experts are taking time to fix errors & optimize.

c). SEO can be skipped: Although SEO is one of the many activities in Digital marketing, it still holds major weightage while considering Digital promotions. SEO helps you control cost over long run & helps you establish brand, which can further be boosted via. Social promotion.

How Relevant Is SEO In Today's Context?
SEO is as important as building a website. Considering that mobile is taking over desktop, it is vital for business owners to optimize their sites for better mobile positions & real time customer tracking.

What kind of SEO Packages should people be aware about nowadays?
Nowadays, SEO isn’t just about rankings. Companies that revolve their sales pitch around Guaranteed rankings are a passé. It is time to dream real & talk practical. SEO Packages have now been redesigned to ensure that we deliver 360 degree solution. So, our packages target rankings, traffic & conversions. High conversions determine the success of the SEO campaign.

How to tell apart which are the effective SEO Company India to engage?
Being a SEO Company is an easy task but being an EFFECTIVE SEO company in India comes with a lot of responsibility.

Effective SEO Company India considers several factors that contribute in a successful digital campaign. Some of these factors are Reliability, Ethics, Experienced professionals, Trained professionals, Quality Content, Relevant links & state of art techniques & detailed reporting

Which misconception about SEO would you like to correct?
One of the major misconceptions that I would like to correct is that SEO is just about rankings.
SEO isn’t just about rankings. It’s about an overall optimization of website that involves enhancing visitors experience, identifying right keywords that can bring business to you, optimizing the site to get better rankings & more visibility, optimizing the user interface, tracking customer behavior, making changes to improve user experience & monitoring closures.

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