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GIG Music Group

GIG Music Group is an American independent record label, which houses Hip-Hop, Latin Pop, R&B and Reggaeton artists. GIG was founded in 2010 and currently operates out of the Tampa Bay Area in Florida. We have conducted an interview with the founders.

Which genre does GIG Music Group focus on?
There's no particular genre, we are focused on. We just like good music whatever it maybe. R&B, Hip-hop, Reggaeton, Pop, Latin Pop. If it's good, it's good.

What awards and nominations are the most exciting for your record label?
We would say any awards or nominations would be exciting. So we welcome them all. Our Management has accomplished successful careers individually but now we are hoping to have great results as a company with GIG Music Group.

What is the current development?
We are finalizing Skully’s album and currently under new development is our new artist. Not ready to reveal yet it's kind of top-secret LOL!

In the near future, what do you want this label to achieve?
To answer that in one word. Success!

When are you debuting Skully's Single 'Fully Loaded'?
Skully’s single Fully Loaded ft hip hop veteran N.O.R.E. was released July 1st 2016. It is currently available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music, Billboard Music and many more online retailers. Fully Loaded can also be listened to on Spotify, Tidal, Shazam, Rhasphody, Deezer, iHeart Radio and much

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