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PJ Stover lives in Hollywood, Ca. She is an ex-stuntwoman, Pro wrestler & radio personality. She has a spine disease & now does voiceovers & sing. On her website, she raises money to help people. They sell voices, original music & special shirts for nonprofits. As she says: "Someone needs to be a voice for people with service & therapy dogs too." We have conducted an interview with PJ.

How do you Raise money to help people?
Well, I wanted to help people & while I'm working on making & . Hollywood's Voices website a non-profit, I thought I could put together a web site & make shirts with drawings on them, & sell voices, original music & some other things then give at least 30% to non-profits that help animals, & a few others that have either helped me in the past, or that I have been involved with over the years.

As a radio personality, what kind of voice over projects & experiences were the most challenging?
Oh, they are all challenging. Lol...Doing Voice-overs & commercials is a challenge because you always want to do the best job and make sure you have a very happy client, sometimes I would get a client that wants it one-way & even though it might be better another way we have to do it the way they want it. Sometimes they will come back and say " can you do it the way you said it would sell better?" I never say I told you so... Voice-over work is not easy work at all, some people seem to think it's simple until they get in front of the microphone... that's when they freeze or they try and read the commercial. You never want to read it. Then they say I don't know how you do it. Ya can't win no matter what haha.

Who is the creator of the art for the special shirts for Nonprofits?
That would be me. Right now I do it all! I designed the Websites, I write the music, do all the animation,& all the Artwork. I love learning new things. Why pay someone else if you can do it yourself? Only if you are creative & don't mind doing it all.

Once things take off I will get the kids & disabled artists to do some drawings for the shirts & the websites, as well as have a contest. (More info coming about that) I never knew I could draw until last year & now I love it. My dad was a cartoonist and an amazing artist so I guess I always had it in me. I always say do what you love & if you can use your talents to help others, then do it!

What Characters have you portrayed as a voice over artist?
The characters are all different & original, but I have at least 10 character voices I do, and the demos are on the website. I'm working on an animated show right now. People can sign up for the newsletter to find out more about all of these things.
I can do impressions... to mention a few- Carmen from south park, Bevis & bathed many more characters. Singers- Dolly Parton, Char, Sugarland, Alana Miles, Jodie Massena, Miranda Lambert, Patsy Cline. And a few more singers too.

Which genre is the original music that you sell on your website?
All genres!! As a singer/ musician, I have always loved music.. a real musician should love all music. I have favorites like country, blues, & rock and roll. Believe it or not, I can even rap. Yes, a 40 something-year-old female that can rap. Since I can't do stunts or wrestling anymore, I want to keep working as long as I can and I really love being creative. I can write any music with words or without. There are some samples on the Websites and more to come. Thank you so much for this interview, I hope people will go to the website & buy a shirt, voice, video or music to help animals and people. Remember we all need help sometimes, even if we don't admit it!

"Be a Voice, not an Echo"

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