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I (HAT) Travels

Karim Belayane from Paris, France is a new travel blogger, with a wonderfully designed website and a special concept. He puts his hat everywhere he goes. We have conducted an interview with him.

Which are the destinations do you write about in your new concept travel blog?
I write about where I have been. I have been living in Asia so I could travel around a bit and now i live Paris and I'm travelling around Europe.

Which is your favourite post?
My favorite post is about how to visit Iceland in 3 days. I did it last summer during the summer solstice, the sun never goes down during this period. It was the most amazing trip so far, but I have so many places to visit, it might change, haha!

What is the story behind the idea to 'put your hat everywhere you go' and blog about it? What would you like to show through your writing/photography?
Well, the first time I left France for a long time was for Bangkok for a 6 months travel around South East Asia. Everybody was mad at me because I was not giving any news. So I decided to post a picture of my hat next to my swimming pool in Bangkok with the legend "Don't worry, I'm fine...". Everybody liked it so I decided to do a picture of my hat with a nice landscape behind every time I was traveling. And that's how "I (hat) travels" was born.

I want to show through my writing and photography that anyone can fight the deadly routine like me. I travel at least once per month for weekends in order to break the routine and boredom. I want to spread this travel sickness, it's healthy and good for the soul!

Who do you want to reach out to with this travel blog?
I want to reach everyone that deep inside have this hunger of adventures and want to finally take this step into the unknown.

Which other new places you would like to explore in the near future? What is on your wish list?
It's a really tough question haha ! I want to go in so many places at the same time. In the near future, I would like to go to Namibia, see the air ballons in Cappadocia (turkey) and do a trip around South America!

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