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Infusing Reality with Hope

Jacci Turner is an author of young adult and middle-grade books. Her books are character driven but include important social issues like racial and LGBTQ prejudice or what it means to be a family. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which genre of books do you author? Why did you choose to write them?
Thanks for the interview! I write mainly young adult and middle-grade fiction. I love writing for young adults as they are still open to magic and learning, and they love to think about new things.

In your opinion, what does it mean to be a family'?
For me, a family is any group of people who love each other and are intentionally doing life together. My husband and I have two birth children, and we have added many others to our family over the years. It makes our family much richer - especially the extra grandbabies we get!

What kind of misconception do you wish to correct with the messages in your books?
What drives my writing is a belief that there is good in the world even though it’s often a hard place to live. Infusing Reality with Hope is the tagline of my writing. In that vein, I write stories of hope about people facing difficult things. I tend to include social issues like racism and sex-trafficking in my books to help bring awareness and perhaps motivate a desire to change the world.

How do you develop your characters?
I’m a character driven writer. I look at each character’s back story, their personality, and their motivations. Being a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist also informs my view of personal growth. Sometimes my characters “take over” while I’m writing and change the story on me. That is always a surprise!

Would you write a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life?
Haha! That would be a long book. But maybe a story about the highlights. I’ve had quite an eventful life. It has not always been easy, but I’ve always been surrounded by people I love; my “family.” And there has been some adventure too; I could be a pretty good book! Maybe I’ll write it someday. Thank you for the interview!

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