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Life And Soul

Camilla Destiny is a British songwriter/singer/producer from Battersea, South London. She writes and co-produces all her records from her home studio. We have conducted an interview with Camilla about her new video "Life And Soul".

Where do you write and co-produce your records?
I write and co-produce most of my records from my home studio.

Which is your latest and newest video launched?
My visual single, Life And Soul is on my Vevo channel now. We shot the video in Dungeness, in the South East of England near the coast. It was freezing cold, but luckily the sun was shining so you would never know it. We had such a fun time, it was a great experience, even the icy beach run!

What inspired you to write the new song, 'Real Ones'? What is it about?
My new song is called Real Ones, It is a feel good song celebrating the good people in your life, pure summer vibes.

Do you have any remixes?
I was lucky to get some dope remixes by some amazing Producers/DJs including Westfunk and Cutmore. I love hearing remixes of my songs as you get to enjoy the song in a different light, and it's all fresh again. The Club mixes are lit! Westfunk has remixed for everyone including Flo Rida, Bruno Mars & Nicki Minaj, so pretty cool.

What other projects are you working on?
I am still writing for other artist but mainly focussing on my stuff now. I have a song called Rewind coming out in the next few weeks with Atunpan, a Ghanaian artist who had a big hit called The Thing. It has an afro beats/dance fusion feel. Perfect for summer.

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