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Masterpiece In Your Heart

S.Sulianah has been exploring the metaphors and ironies of the moments she experiences and expressing it in short stories, poems, and novels. Masterpiece In Your Heart’s Series of Poetry is her first published writings. In this book, it portrays series of poems of love and hope. We have conducted an interview with her.

Who would you like to be?
Be someone who is distinct, not relatable to anyone in terms of self-identity. I am my own brand.

How do you define barriers in a dream?
These are encounters that might hinder my pathways to achieve my goals. The worries that I assumed could affect my decisions whether to proceed or to hold my dreams.

• This was seven years back when I would like to continue my degree and financial limitation was a challenge. I thought that there were no ways to obtain financial funding apart from the 10-years bank loan which I would like to avoid. I was so keen to study during that time.

Then, my dad offered to help pay for my tuition fees in which I managed to pay him back within five years.

• As for the present situation, when external factors such as society norms and individuals who interfere with the decisions on what my life should be are considered as hurdles.

The ability to filter distractions, and stay determined is one of the aspects that I had been continuously built over the years.
Remember the motivational phrase, “If you have a will, definitely there is a way to solve it”? It is practical in reality.

What do you consider as the most 'beautiful metaphors or ironies' in your life?
When someone told me years ago that education is not important and why should I waste my time investing in one when at the end I will end up as a homemaker. I was frustrated and equally disappointed with those shallow perspectives. So, I decided to ignore that person and went ahead with my plans.

I managed to go through a handful of challenges including achieving my other dreams after graduation.

Then recently, one of the children told me how it was a waste that he did not continue his studies. He would have more career opportunities if he would have.

This was one of the ironies in life that I believe if I would have listened to what others said (the negative ones), I would not be who I would like to be.

What is your secret of writing your thoughts poetically?
Defying my mind to open my feelings to the ones who had stolen my heart and attention. I will use these conflicting odds with the compositions of surrounding animated living and nature. Naturally, words will flow out of my thoughts.

Which poets or authors influence/inspire you the most?
Years ago, I spent most of my time reading novels written by these two authors. Their writings inspired me to read. Eventually, I started to show interests in writing short stories and poems. Authors, Ahadiat Akashah and Rina Khan were the first authors who influenced my interests to write my first novel (un-published).

What is the name of your first writing work? How did you name it?
My first full writing was a Malay novel, which I named it “Pendasaan”. It was written when I was between 16 to 20 yrs old. The novel’s name is a combination of two Malay words. Translated in English, “Hidden + Feelings”. It was not published. The challenge to write this novel was I did not want the story to end.

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