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Naupaka Blooming

Our guest today is Jaimie who writes fiction under the name J.L. Eck. She just published her first novel, Naupaka Blooming, a Hawaiian Reincarnation Romance. Its getting 5 star reviews on Amazon. She is currently working on the next novel which will be the first in a series called Summer's Shadow, a fantasy crime thriller with some romance mixed in. We have conducted an interview with Jaimie.

When and what inspires you to write in the Romance genre for ''Naupaka Blooming''?
I moved to Hawaii in 2006 after a divorce and the magic of the islands ignited a radical transformation in me. I started learning all about the Hawaiian history and culture and about Buddhism, meditation, karma and reincarnation. I met friends who got me into rock climbing and hiking. And I decided to finally pursue my lifelong dream of being a writer. I had always been a creative person and I'd written short stories for friends growing up but life took me in a different direction and I ended up an accountant! But now in Hawaii I was so alive and in love with life and the world that I decided to stop letting fear keep me from going after my dreams and so I started writing. I was still working full time so I wrote on nights and weekends. My story evolved over the seven years it took me to write it. I came across the Hawaiian myth of the naupaka flower midway through my writing and I just knew that it belonged in my story. I cut bits and pieces out of what I had already written and made a whole new beginning and the rest came really quite easily. I think I had a muse!

Who is your favourite character in the second crime thriller novel? How did you develop him/her further?
My favorite character in my new fantasy crime thriller Summer's Shadow is Jack Campbell. He seems to be a laid back easy going guy who doesn’t take anything too seriously but he’s got secrets that will surprise you! I’m not giving anything away here! I was inspired by the character of John Silver on Black Sails.

Why did you add crime to the romance?
My first novel, Naupaka Blooming, has a bit of a criminal element in it although that was never the focus of the story. I actually enjoyed writing that bit of crime into the novel so I decided to explore it even further in my next novel.

What kind of influences/messages do you want to deliver with your stories?
I’ve always been a romantic, optimistic and very open minded – I like exploring what if’s. So I want to convey those open-minded ideals in my writing. Naupaka Blooming dealt with reincarnation. Do I believe in reincarnation? No more than I believe in heaven. I simply do not know what comes after life and that’s ok. I don’t need to know. My next book deals with astral projection. Some people claim to be able to astral project their spirits. Some people claim to see ghosts. Who knows if any of it is true? But it sure makes for fun writing!

How long do you plan for this new ''Summer's Shadow'' to be in the series?
My Summer Series will be 3 books as far as I know. It may very well turn into more by the time I’m finished. You never know. But I have another idea that I can’t wait to get to and it will deal with time travel. It will be a series about a Brazilian woman who wins a trip to Hawaii. She gets lost in the jungle during a guided hike and somehow steps through time and lands in ancient Hawaii. The ancient people mistake her for a Goddess. As she tries to find a way back to her time, she grows fond of the people and falls in love with a man. Will she ever make it back to where she belongs? And if she does will she ever be truly happy there now?

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