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Photography by Pamela

Our guest tonight is Pamela Walton from the Big Island of Hawaii. She owns her own photography business, Photography by Pamela. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which kind of photographs do you like to make in Big Island of Hawaii?
I love the natural beauty that the island brings so I love to take landscape and seascape photos. I try and hike every weekend so I can get off the beaten path and take some wonderful photos that most people wouldn't get to see.

How do you gather your inspirations to create mixed media art pieces?
When I take a photo I then decide if I am going to create a mixed media photo. My minds eye has already made that decision up for me. I then sit down at my computer and start creating the photo. Most times it turns out the way I had envisioned but other times it just didn't work the way I had hoped. The mixed media pieces are fun to create and I enjoy seeing how the turnout.

Where do you sell your products and prints?
I sell my prints and other products that are available with my prints on them from my website at I have over 800 photos uploaded so far and they are arranged into different galleries that is easy for viewing.

What other creative projects do you wish to undertake other than photography?
Not sure is hiking is a creative project but I have started to hike every weekend and of course I have my camera in hand. The scenery I have seen off the beaten path has been breathtaking.

Which is your bestselling pieces?
My best selling photo has been the work ALOHA written in the sand. For some reason, everyone really loves that photo. It is simple with a Hawaiian touch to it.

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