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Style Judge

Krystyna Chichura creates videos on entertainment and fashion. Currently, she is working on the show - Style Judge -  where she reviews celebrity style. We have conducted an interview with Krystyna.

How do you determine whose style to discuss that week? 
I follow different media outlets as well as social media accounts to see what the celebs have been up to. Usually, I choose the ones that I think are either best or worst dressed so that I can discuss their style. Some are just in the media more often than others and I pay attention to those more. Some are more fashionable than others and I want my viewers to take inspiration from them. Some are less particular about their style and I want to point that out and spark a conversation. 

Which are the criteria to fit the 'trivia and fun facts' other than they are a celebrity as a basic? 
The reason why I do Trivia and Fun facts about celebs is because I think that us, simple folk, should know more about celebs we so much admire, know more about their flaws, about their past, interests and hobbies. The idea is to make us all aware that we can all be that next Angelina Jolie, that Jennifer Lawrence. All we need is the desire and motivation to do it. Knowing facts about them makes them more human, brings them closer to us, we can actually relate to them. The criteria is if somebody's movie/show is coming out and they are trending on search engines, and I know that my subscribers would be interested in knowing more about them - then I would do a fun fact video about that celebrity.

Where do you get your ideas about styles to comment/critic about since the beginning of this YouTube channel? 
I have a couple of inspirations. One of them is Fashion Police on E! That's how I got the idea to create a Style Judge show on YouTube on the first place. I also read different fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Harper's Bazaar, and follow different fashion shows, fashion bloggers, fashion influencers. Also living in NY, I get exposed to so many fashionistas, so many styles and looks that I get inspired by every day. 

Do you always read entertainment and fashion magazines?
I do, it's something I read when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed. Be it just checking out the latest styles, looks on Instagram or reading about the latest entertainment news on Facebook and different entertainment sites. 

What kind of books/channels do you like to read/watch to get more inspirations for your content production? 
As I've already mentioned, I enjoy watching Fashion Police, FTV, Live From the Red Carpet, E! News. I like reading stories that Daily Mail, Zimbio and Celeb Buzz writes about. I also follow all the major fashion magazines. But I do want to mention that running a website and a YouTube channel is not only about fashion and entertainment. It's also about organizational, time management, people and business skills. I do read a lot about how to improve myself in those fields. Knowing about fashion and entertainment is not enough. You need to be able to deliver those stories to your audience in a way that it's informative and entertaining. 

About the 'different lists on pop culture', how much time do you spend on researching the content and information? 
Every show requires different time to prepare. For the fun facts about actors, for example, it takes about 2 days for research, for the Style Judge - it usually doesn't take as much time, about two hours. 

Why did you start this channel/website 
I started this channel because I want people to be entertained, to distract themselves from their everyday lives and just watch some fun cool facts about actors or judge celebrity style with me.

Who do you want to reach out to and what 'satisfaction' do you get when someone hit thumbs up to your video?
It definitely is satisfactory to see that somebody liked a video or subscribed to a channel, means that I've achieved the goal of a viewer being entertained. And I don't get upset when I get thumbs down. I think that shows that my video triggered some emotion, and there is nothing better than the engaged audience.

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