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TechGenies software development

Our guest today is Ahmad Al-Amine the CEO and Co-Founder of TechGenies LLC, a software development company. We have conducted an interview with him.

How unique is engaging TechGenies LLC as a software development arm?
TechGenies co-employment business model ensures that our partner clients have full control over their software development team. Developers are recruited, hired, and assigned specifically to each client. Programmers are not shared by different clients, nor are assigned to other projects. All our Genies (Team members) are hired directly by us in the countries that we operate in, and are physically present in our offices. Our unique take on remote development offices is in line with what every Technology expert believes in … continuity and consistency in the personnel working on a product is key in the continued success of said product.

What level of services can your clients expect to receive from your team/company?
We pride ourselves on being entrepreneurs and always finding creative ways to serve our partner clients. Our slogan is “Your Wishes: Exceeded!” and we work hard everyday to ensure that all our clients IT wishes are indeed exceeded. The levels of service that a client sets, and expects, from existing employees in their local office, are to be expected of the remote employees in our offices.

For your focus on startups, which are the areas do your developers help in?
When working with startups, we offer the full package from inception to completion. It is a joint effort between our Professional Services Team, Development Team, QA Team, Training Team, and of course our Sales Team to guide our clients throughout the process and be a trusted partner that will bring their vision and dream product to light. We don’t just build a product, we also establish a Technology Team that will be there to support the product for years to come.

What are your team's strengths and past experiences?
Our strengths are in finding the best talent in the countries that we operate offices. We bring them on board, train them, mentor them, and assign them to clients. On top of that, we also have a Team of SMEs that is shared among all our clients, to oversee the work and provide guidance.

How long does it take to implement and develop a customised software for a startup at a minimum?
It goes without saying, each product is unique and there are many factors that will affect the complexity and the timeline when working on any development project. But, all things considered, on an average, to build a Prototype or a MVP, it would take no less than 4-6 months. When it comes to building MVPs, we approach it more as phase 1 of a product so the effort applied in this phase is not wasted when moving on to the full development.

Which industries could benefit the most and how are they able to access their needs before they decide to engage you?
Our business model supports all types of industries. Since we staff based on needs, we consider ourselves experts in assembling, and leading teams, and in establishing remote offices for small to mid-size technology companies. Our mission is to connect technology talents from countries that have more talent than demand, with companies in countries that have more demand than talent. And, to top it off, clients save around 40% on their cost.

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