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The Graphics Guy

Today our guest is Robert Hazelrigg from West Long Branch, NJ. He runs The Graphics Guy, a one-man agency with an impressive list of clients. We have conducted an interview with him.

Besides graphics and branding, what kind of internet marketing services is the top seller?
Obviously, logo and website are my bread and butter; but, I also provide print design services that work in conjunction with the web. I design quarterly newsletters, industry marketing reports for a major international bank, and regional Real Estate companies. These reports end up in powerful business executives’ hands all over the world. Conversely, I also convert a few print publications for the web. Furthermore, I have a handful of clients who still use creative magazines; so I not only create some of the printouts and ads, but I also build their respective articles online.

Who are your top most impressive clients? What kind of services have they bought most from you? 
Surprisingly, some of my “top” clients are not the largest companies. For instance, I have a client that is a small mom and pop retailer, who has a small brick and mortar store in Monmouth county. The business has been around for more than 50 years, despite massive competition from big box stores and major retailers. To me, that’s a lot more impressive than some of my larger clients with much larger marketing budgets. Businesses that call me for my design services are mostly interested in my ability to find a solution for their marketing needs within a certain budget. More than just supplying a logo or a website, I offer solutions that help make money for my clients. Having worked for such a vast variety of industries in so many mediums and for so long, I have gained a wealth of expertise that makes The Graphics Guy a leader.

What is your way of making the best of the first few seconds to create an impression for your clients?
Humor. I love what I do, I love working with my clients and the people. I like making their lives better and simplifying their marketing tasks. And it is because I love my work so much that it makes me more laid back and comfortable. Also, my success has given me a level of confidence that allows me the liberty to be silly and have fun. So I do. I joke around quite a bit. But make no mistake, when it comes to my work, I take things very seriously.

Which comes first: Simplicity or Innovation (in a design)?
Simplicity has always been the most challenging aspect of any design. Great design must be simple and beautiful. We are bombarded millions of times throughout the day with marketing messages. If a design has too much information for consumers to digest, they just ignore it. At the same time, your business is competing with similar companies all jockeying for the same market share. Essentially, if you sell the same products and/or services, design is one of the best ways to stand apart. To me, innovative design happens naturally through the process of simplification.

How do you describe the greatest strengths of your design? Why should clients engage you today?
I’m very selective about which clients I take on. I’m a one-man show for the most part. People come to me for what I produce, not what a summer intern is supervised to do, so my bandwidth is limited. My clients are people I like, people who also do good things for the community. I was once offered an advertising job at Philip Morris. Those are not the type of clients I look for. As long as a company is not trying to take advantage of its customers, and my schedule will allow it, I will try to help as many companies as I can. My strength lies in my creativity. Over the years, marketing has changed numerous times. When I started out of college, I was doing everything by hand working for a huge publishing company. Since then, the tools have radically changed. Moreover, the way people consume media and receive marketing messages has also changed numerous times. Therefore, I believe it’s my ability to develop creative solutions and flex with the times and tools that allows me to deliver great work.

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