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The Noiseless Phantoms

Tamikio L. Reardon is the author and self-publisher of The Noiseless Phantoms and The Cataclysm Destruction. She writes fiction of mystery, paranormal, and dark supernatural fantasy. She also author a poetry book called The Tall Tales of Poetry. We have conducted an interview with her.

Which events do you draw your inspirations for your third book "The Catastrophe Wasteland"?
I had a dream one night and the dream consisted of me running through the earth encountering a night of terror of being alone with ghosts and zombies. The entire world had been wiped out of all civilization except for me and another elderly woman with long gray hair.

The woman warned me as I ran down the vacant streets not go into a certain area or the ghost, zombies, and monsters would eat me alive! In other words, I was the character of apocalypse decimation.

That is when I woke up the next morning a decided to do a book series on “The Cataclysm Destruction,” along with “The Catastrophe Wasteland,” being the third book series.

Why did you choose to write about a fiction of mystery, paranormal? In your opinion, how challenging can be writing on dark supernatural fantasy be?
I’ve been writing fiction stories since the age of sixteen. At the time, I only wrote them to share and read to my younger sibling. In early January 2015, I wrote for the public audience overcoming obstacles such as critics on my first book ”Ghosts and the Supernatural”.

I started out writing fiction of ghosts and mystery. After rough criticism on my first book, I became discouraged and unpublished the book. But, that didn’t discourage me from writing it pushed me move further!

As I wrote and experimented with different forms of genres, I discovered where my strengths are and dropped limitation of writing ghosts and mystery fiction. Now I feel comfortable writing fiction of mystery, paranormal, and dark supernatural fantasy due to dreams and experience with reading my favorite authors.

Who is the most influential author you have ever read?
The most influential authors and writing of my life as a reader; Dean Koontz, Apryl Baker, Simon Clark, J. R, Tate, and John Saul.

How long did you take to write "The Tall Tales of Poetry"?
It took me four months to write The Tall Tales of Poetry”. Why did it take me four months to complete my first and last poetry book? While doing research and finding what comforts me as a writer, I had neglected the book and lost track of it creating new book titles in between.
Finally, I got tired of the book sitting in my files half done, partially completed until one day I up and finished the book the two days!

When will your next book be released?
I have two upcoming new released for the remaining 2016, “The Catastrophe Wasteland”, the third book series of “The Cataclysm Destruction”, released October 3.

The second upcoming new release, “Already walking in the Blood’s door”, released August 15, 2016. All of my books are published on Amazon, Createspace, Barnes and Nobles, Goodreads, and other retailer bookstores.

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