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Ultimate Discount Services

Casuel D Pitts Jr has been an entrepreneur since the age of 14. His company, Ultimate Discount Services is revolutionizing the way the people see leveraging services that they may not have exposure to unless critically needed. We have conducted an interview with him.

What made me start "Ultimate Discount Services INC"?
God gave me the vision and I just did what he asked and started this amazing company to help people understand the true value of savings.

What makes you get excited every morning?
Being able to help someone else. I’m not a perfect person but I strive for perfection. I love life and I love people.

Why do you want to reunite communities with this business?
Because it’s what the world needs right now. We need change and that’s what UDS is. It’s about helping educate the consumer not only on the amazing services that are provided to them but to educate them on the value of life and not color.

What's the most difficult/challenging thing about running this business?
One of the most challenging things is getting people to understand that we are not insurance or MLM. We are an organization that really wants to help and I have and still am putting everything into the artillery to keep firing education to people to grasp the concept of who we are and what we do.

Which are the 3 most important fundamentals you have learned as an entrepreneur since 14 years old?
You have to be Determined to have Drive to stay Dedicated. So the 3 D’s Drive Dedication & Determination.

When were you invited to be featured on 'The Professional Pastor's Edition' & 'Speak Life Magazine'? How did that help your business further?
Earlier this year actually in January 2016 I took the interview and then it was published I say late February. Basically, it helped brand me as a person and what I stand for alongside with my business partner Ray Lewis the former linebacker of the Baltimore Ravens which is the President of UDS. All we want to do is give back and help people with achieving their dreams.

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