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Benoit Lefèvre runs a blog on wine and travel stories: He writes about wine regions, publishes portraits with winemakers, post reviews on wines, winebars, and restaurants. We have conducted an interview with him.

When did you start your wine and travel stories? Who is your target audience?
I am interested in wine and travel for many years. I love to include wine and gastronomy experiences during my trips abroad. That’s why I decided to share those two passions by launching my blog last year. As my blog is in French only, it is targeting French readers interested in wine and travel. This being said, my Twitter account is both in French and English (it mostly spreads news related to wine). My Instagram account is in English only and its primary focus is to share travel recommendations to my followers. Each post is a travel story on its own and an invitation to travel to a great destination!

What do you normally blog about and how regularly do you post?
I try to post as much as I can! I blog about travel destinations, wine-producing regions, portraits of winegrowers, wine bars, restaurants and I also do wine reviews! Over the past few months, I posted articles about Puglia, Lombardy, Milano (Italy) and Oporto (Portugal). Some articles about Amalfi Coast and Rwanda are on their way. I also wrote about many wine regions like Douro (Portugal), Bierzo (Spain), Vermont (USA), Valtellina and Lazio (Italy). I will also write on Malta and Kent (UK) very soon.

How big is your collection of wine bars and restaurants suggestions segment? How many different wine bars and restaurants have you suggested so far?
I did not really make the count! But I have spoken of plenty of restaurants and wine bars on my blog! Each time I meet a winegrower or visit a winery, I ask them for recommendations of restaurants, and of course, I try to pay a visit there. wink Two months ago, I was in Mentrida, 50 kilometers from Madrid to visit a winery named Jimenez-Landi. The owner recommended a few restaurants and they were that great I plan to share them with other people so they can also enjoy! On my blog, I have for example wrote specific articles on the best trattorias in Italy and where to have a glass of wine in Roma. I plan to write about restaurants in Madrid and the Top 10 of wine bars in Montreal (where I live).

Which are your dream destinations for the near future?
I have a lot! Regarding wine, of course, I will never get bored to go to France, Italy and Spain. But I would love to discover Croatia, Slovenia, Greece, South Africa and New Zealand. But I would like to discover many other countries especially in Asia, like Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam and as well paradisiac islands like Tahiti, Fiji, New Caledonia or Hawaii!

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