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Walabot - 3D RF based imaging sensor

Walabot is the consumer brand by Vayyar, an Israeli-based company that develops, markets and sells 3D RF based imaging sensor. Walabot is a unique development platform for makers that allows them to develop their own applications based on the sensor's wide range of abilities, including penetrating walls and object to see what's inside (like pipes, studs, and wires), detecting the 3D location of multiple objects in space, and measuring people's breathing rate from a distance. We have conducted an interview with the developers

Which key benefits would people get using a sensor like this?
Walabot is a sensor that allows you to see through materials, and recognize what’s going on beneath the surface. You can use Walabot for other purposes as well. You can develop applications based on Walabot’s technology to monitor what’s going on around it, while ignoring inanimate objects, to monitor people, pets or even cars. Using Walabot, you can always be aware of your surroundings, in a friendly, non-invasive way.

Please name the top 3 most amazing applications that can be created using Walabot. What can you offer to makers with this core sensing technology?
Makers who have access to this technology are developing applications for a variety of purposes, and we are excited to see what the future will bring. Here are a few of our favorites:

Helping the blind – Walabot can be used for 3D collision avoidance for those who can’t see. It can also tell them the speed of objects coming their way.

In-Wall imaging- an app that allows you to see an image of the pipes and studs in your walls. This is a bit like having superman’s x-ray vision. This application can save a lot of money and time when you remodel your house or trying to find a leak. Sleep analyzer- A large portion of our lives is spent sleeping yet we have no idea what is happening to us when we sleep. Walabot can monitor your breathing and movement , from a few meters away. With this knowledge it can let you know what happened while you were sleeping, and based on your preferences, Walabot might be able to turn off music, activate an alarm system, or even sound an alarm to wake you.

What inspires you to create 'Walabot' platform for 3D RF-based imaging sensor applications?
Our 3D RF based imaging sensor technology was originally a dedicated tool for breast cancer detection. When we realized the potential for endless applications that this technology has, we decided to put a product out there that would allow makers to develop their own applications using these abilities. It is always exciting to see what people come up with. Putting highly sophisticated technology in the hand of a person or a child can change their future. We believe that this is the true essence of the makers movement and we are happy to contribute our part.

Where is Walabot going next?
Our target is to grow out a community and to have many people using Walabot. We are reaching out to universities and will create a Walabot Challenge where people will be able to get rewarded on cool applications but and sharing their knowledge. We will add more types of Walabot’s in the future that will allow doing more things. It is going to be a fun ride!

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