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A Chinese entrepreneur would like to launch the trend "Nicely Made in China"

Nakesi Furniture Manufacture was established in 2008; their products are well-known and have achieved high sales from customers around the world. They apply strict quality control standards to the materials they use in manufacturing their products, in addition to the high standards hey apply to all of their products during the manufacturing process. We have conducted an interview with them.

What kind of products ranges do you carry under your brand 'Nakesi'?
At Nakesi, we are proud to make many different products to furnish your home with style. We mainly design and produce ourselves in our factories, Cupboards, Tables, Chairs, and Shelves. We have a strong experience in wood products; metal and fabric etc and we always apply quality control standards in order to maintain a high-quality manufacturing process. By buying Nakesi, it is not only a piece of furniture that you get but more like a unique lifestyle that will nicely implement your every day’s life.

What inspires you to launch the trend 'Nicely Made In China"?
As everybody knows, “made in China” is a term that has a really bad reputation worldwide and most of the time refers to bad quality, fake, cheap products, etc... However, nowadays in China, things are changing and many businesses within all type of different sectors are motivated only about one thing: the satisfaction of their clients. Chinese companies are well aware that they have a bad reputation overseas which is sometimes simply not true. For example, most of the high technology products sold by the multinational companies are “made in China” as well. We believe at Nakesi that Chinese companies like ours, can design and make some high-quality products. It is only this type of business model that can sustain itself and keep growing in the future; this is what we are aiming for! We are then proud to make our goods in China (in Guangdong), we want to prove to anyone that our furniture are “nicely made in China”. Nakesi is one of the best examples of a successful company that produces high-quality furniture.

Do you use a more ecological process in the production of Nakesi products?
Nakesi is a brand that is focused on design and quality of its products. In our opinion, we cannot differentiate quality and ecological process. It is also part of our “business principal”. Every day, we try to reduce the impact of our activities on the environment: Incoming material inspection, systematic continuous checking during production until the end of the product in order to respect more the environment. From A to Z, Nakesi tries to set up an ecological process in its production lines to be more eco-friendly.

What is so unique about your products that differentiate you from your competitors?
Meeting and exceeding customer expectations is the only way of competing in this industry. If we would have to name only one thing to define our uniqueness from our competitors, it would be our nice design furniture. We really emphasize our efforts toward design and quality just because of a reason: when we think of a new product, we put ourselves into our clients’ shoes and simply make furniture that could be ours. The design is really important for us as long as quality, those 2 aspects are the main reasons of why Nakesi is so successful in this industry.

Do you think price is the most important element in your marketing mix?
The price is of course an important criteria of our marketing mix. However, in order to grow in this very competitive sector, the price is certainly not the most important element. As mentioned before, we are making quality, which comes at a price. At Nakesi, we focus more on the product itself that will bring a real value to the client (apart from the price). In short, we try to combine price and product in order to finally get a homogeneous balance.

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